10 countries with extraordinary tourist sites

The level of diversity between the countries of the world is enormous. As a result, many countries have unique sights, climates, cultures, historical sites, and natural phenomena that attract tourists. However, these differences are what make some countries more pleasant to visit than others, and they end up receiving a large number of tourists.

For a traveler looking to circumnavigate the globe, traveling to a country with the best tourist destinations is a dream come true. Finding the right country among the many can also be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for and tell them apart. However, in the list of this article, you will find the top 10 countries with the most fantastic tourist spots.

These are also the countries that receive the greatest number of visitors.

ten Greece

Greece is a country well known in the history books, especially for its great ancient architecture of Athens. Moreover, the country has many destinations like Epirus, Scenes of Santorini, Acropolis of Athens, Acropolis Museum and Parthenon which are amazing.

Visiting Italy will also impress any visitor due to its unique culture and way of life. It is a developed country that has preserved its history, offering a good combination of both to visitors. As the country has many islands, the beaches of Zakynthos are a marvel for guests. More experiences can be found in the forest and mountains in northwest Greece.

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9 Germany

Although many people are not very familiar with Germany for tourism, it is rich in amazing sights. As a result, the country has received many visitors in recent years. The country offers vibrant cities with great old architecture that carries the deep history of the country.

In Germany, areas like the Brandenburg Gate, which was built in 1791, is a magnificent structure that amuses many visitors.

8 Mauritius

It is a country located on the Indian coast. The country is a 4 hour flight from Johannesburg in South Africa and is made up of tropical islands. Mauritius is known to have some of the most amazing tourist sites. The most attractive part of Mauritius is its series of islands.

When tourists visit this country, they can enjoy the best private islands in the world. Moreover, the countryside is also full of untouched landscapes, waterfalls, great culture and world-class restaurants. It is the ideal place for a vacation.

seven Italy

Italy is a country rich in history and receives millions of tourists every year. All this is attributed to its amazing history and sights that people never tire of. The city of Rome offering amazing museums and a good mix of ancient history and modern world, it is really attractive for tourists.

Other sites that get a lot of attention in Italy include the Colosseum in Rome, St. Paul’s Cathedral, temperate beaches and ancient ruins in Sicily.

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6 Austria

Austria has amazing tourist spots that have enabled the country to receive millions of visitors and earn good revenue to contribute to its economy. One of the most visited regions in Austria is the capital Vienna.

However, areas like the Austrian Alps are unique and perfect for tourists who want to hike in the summer. With the country receiving snow in the winter, many tourists flock to the region to ski in the mountains, explore its alpine lakes and go mountain biking. Another incredible destination in Austria is the baroque palace Schloss Hellbrunn.

5 Egypt

Egypt is a country in Africa and has many unique historical and tourist sites in the world. It is home to the great pyramids of Giza, which are a wonder of the world. Millions and millions of tourists visit the country every year to see and learn more about the pyramids.

The country has other points of interest, such as the oasis of Siwa, the valley of the kings, the necropolis of Giza and the temples of Abu Simbei. The amazing part of visiting Egypt is that most of its historical sites like the pyramids still have a lot of artifacts that archaeologists are discovering up to date.

4 Kenya

It is an East African country with the most amazing wildlife. The country is considered the hotbed of safari due to its many wildlife sanctuaries and parks, endless savannah and great weather. One of the country’s attractions is the Great Wildebeest Migration, a wonder of the world where millions of wild animals migrate from nearby Serengeti Park to Kenya’s Maasai Mara for grazing.

Tourists can closely observe wildlife in their natural habitats, such as lions, black rhinos, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes and many more. In Kenya, one can also witness the Great Rift Valley and enjoy the coastal beaches.

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3 Finland

Finland is well known for its stunning panoramas, especially in the region of Lapland. This is due to its frozen lakes and snow-capped mountains. This is the right place for visitors who love things to do with winter and ice. The country also has amazing forests covering more than 60% of the country.

Great destinations in Finland also include Helsinki, Nuuksio National Park and Hossa.

2 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to incredible jungles, waterfalls, beaches and mountains, which attract many visitors. The country has an excellent climate and incredible national parks that provide visitors with good hiking opportunities.

One of the best destinations in Costa Rica is Cocos Island National Park. In Costa Rica you will also find the only island in the Pacific to have a tropical forest. It also offers incredible dive sites where visitors can spot giant manta rays, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and sea turtles in abundance.

1 Montenegro

In Montenegro, a visitor will enjoy an excellent combination of marine and land life with great attractions. The land of the country is mostly made up of green spaces, sand and surf. As a result, areas like the former Greek and Turkish colonies are UNESCO heritage sites.

An attraction for tourists is the Biogradska Gora National Park, which is still one of the few remaining primeval forests in all of Europe.

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