18 Foods and Drinks You Must Try in Sicily

Chicken Marsala is a classic dish, but is it classic Sicilian? There’s a lot of debate as to the origin of the dish, but one thing’s for sure – the star ingredient, Marsala fortified wine, originates from the Marsala region of Sicily. wine madness explains that Marsala wine can be dry or sweet and has very expressive notes ranging from apricot, toasted nuts, tamarind, sour cherries and even tobacco, depending on whether it is a golden Marsala, amber or ruby.

Scraping the browned bits from the pan with a sprinkle of Marsala gives this dish its savory and distinctive taste. Chicken Marsala had an absolute grip on the 70s and 80s food scene, but it’s still just as delicious. Marsala dishes can be prepared with chicken breasts, thighs or veal (more classically Sicilian), finely pounded. The floured chicken is cooked in oil then drizzled with a sauce of mushrooms, butter, garlic and of course, Marsala wine. Recipes will usually tell you to buy cheap Marsala cooking wine from the grocery store, but the real deal is much tastier (plus, you can drink what you’re not using in the recipe). This recipe adds cream to give it even more richness. Obviously, the best pairing for this dish is a glass of Marsala. Canteen Florio is an easily accessible brand with a variety of Marsala styles.

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