ADPD says renewables are key to reducing Malta’s energy dependency

ADPD – The Green Party has insisted on Malta’s energy sovereignty and said it should not depend on foreign countries for its energy production.

ADPD chair and candidate Carmel Cacopardo said the issue of energy sovereignty remains crucial for Malta. “Malta currently depends on Azerbaijan for gas, Sicily for interconnection and has a power plant in Chinese hands.”

“With the current precarious situation in Russia and given that Malta is buying gas from Azerbaijan, which has close ties to Russia, our energy supply could be compromised,” Cacopardo said.

He stressed that solar rights should be guaranteed and criticized the PN and PL administrations for their high-rise planning and construction policies. Cacopardo said he spoke to many people who have “lost” their economic deposits on solar panels and solar water heaters, due to the skyscrapers nearby.

“We must insist that all new properties are carbon neutral. There should be space for solar panels on every roof and we are aware that this would mean that penthouses could not be built and skyscrapers would be limited,” Cacopardo said.

Regarding solar farms, Cacopardo said they should not be built on agricultural land. “We cannot use solar farms as an excuse to add buildings in rural areas. We are part of an ecosystem, not just an economy.

According to Cacopardo, Malta should use sea wave energy, saying an area outside Żebbuġ, Gozo had been identified in the past for such technology. He also mentioned floating photovoltaic cells and wind power as valid alternatives for Malta, while acknowledging that environmental issues should not be ignored.

With regard to the interconnection, the chairman of the ADPD stated that the source should be renewable. “If the interconnector’s energy is generated from carbon fuels, we will export emissions. It is a myth that interconnection eliminates emissions.

Asked about the party’s position on reclaiming the land, Cacopardo said it would be a “last resort”. “We need to protect our coasts and protect them from rising sea levels. Malta is heavily developed around the coast, and homes and tourist infrastructure could be at risk.

ADPD Vice President and candidate for the Eighth and Ninth Districts, Mark Zerafa, said now is the time to take climate change seriously in Malta.

“Our goal of achieving carbon neutrality as soon as possible can only be achieved if we commit to using renewable energy sources. Emissions must be more than halved from current levels by 2030 to meet this target. The 19% reduction indicated by the government is too low and reveals that it is not prepared to take this climate issue seriously.

Zerafa insisted on the possible use of renewable energy sources, including the occupation of roofs with solar panels and solar water heaters.

“Apartment owners should be helped to install roof panels in collaboration with other owners. Wind turbines should be located at sea while micro-turbines should be installed in industrial areas while wave energy should be sought. All organic waste can be converted into fuel,” Zerafa said.

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