Announcement of the 2021 FoodTrekking Awards winners


LONDON, September 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) announced the winners of its prestigious annual FoodTrekking Awards in food tourism, as follows:

FoodTrekking Award

For destinations that manage to stay at the forefront as a food lover’s dream during the pandemic downturn.
1st place – Municipality of Buccheri (Sicily, Italy)
Finalist – Regional Association Strada dell’Olio Dop (Umbria, Italy)

For a business that has done whatever it takes to survive – beyond pivoting and a more holistic approach to looking at all that a business has done to survive and stay relevant in the minds of avid travelers. food and drink.
1st place – Preidlhof seaside resort (Merano, Italy)
Finalist – Venissa (Venice, Italy)

For a business that has demonstrated excellence in a virtual bookable food or drink experience.
1st place – Local culinary adventures, Oakland, California, UNITED STATES
Finalist – Tori avey – Tori’s Mediterranean table (United States)

For a storyteller who made the most of the extra time we’ve all had over the past year, writing articles, posting photographs, producing videos, and telling fascinating new stories about their food culture local.
1st place – Tourism Saskatoon, Canada
Finalist – Epirus Gastronomy Club (Greece)

Erik Wolf, Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association, congratulated the winners, saying, “It is companies and destinations like these that are helping to propel our industry forward, especially in these difficult times. We are so happy that these entrepreneurs and leaders did not give up hope, and they found a way to survive and find their way to future success. “

Winner of the best destination Stephanie Clovechok of Tourism Saskatoon added, “It is an incredible honor for Tourism Saskatoon and for our winning storyteller. Jenn sharp receive this worldwide recognition. Saskatoon is a central gathering place for the region’s food scene and we have some great stories to tell. As an author, journalist and filmmaker, Saskatchewan-born Jenn sharp has spent over a decade sharing local culinary stories to help us all reconnect with our food, the farmers, the land, and ultimately ourselves. She has truly encouraged positive change in our province. “

Patrizia Bortoline, Project manager and well-being alchemist at Preidlhof seaside resort in Italy, and winner of the Best ‘Hustle’ award agreed: ‘It’s time for hotels to invest in cross-functional training between wellness experts and F&B services, and to use’ the art of eating ‘ to be healthier in a happier way, while developing new skills and motivation for everyone. I am grateful for the Outstanding and Significant Foodtrekking Award for the Wellness Food Philosophy; it sounds like a huge reward for our optimism, creativity and love for experiential travel, especially in this difficult time. “

According to Lauren McCabe Herpich of Local culinary adventures, winner for Best Virtual Experience, said, “They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. San Francisco Bay Area food tours in an eCommerce virtual event company have been truly a difficult, yet exciting experience. Not only are we now able to organize events for groups around the world, but we also continue to promote and support our local small business community. Recognizing our FoodTrekking Award really made our COVID lemonade even sweeter. “


The FoodTrekking Awards are an annual recognition program for the culinary tourism industry. The awards were launched in 2016 by the World Food Travel Association to recognize leadership and innovation in food tourism. So far, 65 companies and destinations in 28 countries have won an award. The award categories vary from year to year and are always focused on leadership and innovation in gastronomic tourism.


The WFTA is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Erik Wolf, its current executive director. It is recognized as the world’s leading authority on gastronomic tourism (culinary tourism and gastronomic tourism). The mission of the WFTA is to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism. Each year, the organization provides professional programs and services to 200,000 professionals in more than 150 countries.

Photos of the winners and presentations for the interviews are available on request.

Media contact: Erik Wolf (+44) 7827 582 554 [email protected]



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