Another month before the end of the Sicilian peach and nectarine campaign


Sicilian stone fruit production is noticeably late compared to other regions. The extremely favorable climate allows the harvest until October, thanks to the late characteristics of certain varieties and to the agronomic techniques developed by the farmers of the island. We talked about it with Vincenzo Di Pasquale who runs the famous Donnalia brand with his brother Angelo.

Vincenzo Di Pasquale

“The peach and nectarine season started at the beginning of July and we are still in the countryside, which will end at the end of September / beginning of October, or as long as we have fresh produce on the trees. The advantage of marketing peaches and nectarines in this season is that there is less competition from northern Italy. Of course, there is competition from Spain, but it is an exceptional product with the guarantee of Italian culture and sustainability. The latter is now an essential element for the end consumer, ”said Di Pasquale.

Two plentiful months are enough to take stock of the season.

“There is no doubt that we can assess the situation positively, with an increase in volumes of around 15%, whereas the prices are roughly in line with last year. We have received an excellent response from large retailers who continue to show strong interest, in particular with regard to the most representative Italian brands. The Donnalia brand is now widely recognized and our customers are willing to spend a little more for a high quality product. We are able to guarantee a benchmark with organoleptic characteristics that remain unchanged. Our stone fruits are aesthetically impeccable, but above all very good to eat, ”reveals Di Pasquale.

“In recent years, the late fishing of Sicily has played a key role in the Italian sector of peach culture – said the expert – and the consumer, especially the demanding and astute Italian, does not want do without eating and tasting a fresh product produced which in just 48 hours passes from the plant to the consumer. “

These fruits are beautiful to see and good to eat; it’s a perfect axiom which, however, needs to be communicated in a way that showcases them as a superior product on the fruit and vegetable counters.

“The ‘4 fruit medallion’ packaging works well because consumers recognize the aesthetic value and environmental sustainability of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cardboard packaging. This label identifies products resulting from forest management that respects the environment, ”explained Vincenzo Di Pasquale.

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