Attention digital nomads: the Mediterranean island of Malta could be your new WFH site


Have you ever looked out the window during WFH and think you are on a European island? Now you can.

The Mediterranean island of Malta, located off the coast of Sicily, has launched a Nomadic residence permit, which invites visitors to come to the island and stay for a while. One year, to be exact, while telecommuting, according to Travel + Leisure.

The program is open to people from countries outside the European Union, including the United States, according to the Malta Tourism Authority.

To apply, travelers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (which they must verify through the Verification application), prove they can work remotely and work for a company outside of Malta, Travel + Leisure reported.

And, for those who fall in love and wish to stay beyond the one-year program, they can apply for their license renewal, the magazine said.

“If there are any lessons to be learned from the pandemic, it’s that people are willing to move more than ever,” Charles Mizzi, CEO of Residency Malta, told Travel + Leisure.

He added: “People who can work remotely using technology and entrepreneurs with a flair to travel and experience new countries and cultures are welcome,” Mizzi said.

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