Best Crowd Movies To Stream & Watch (2021)


Some of the best gangster movies or gangster movies are extremely popular and loved by fans. Mob’s best films often feature Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci.

The best crowd-pleasing movies are usually brought to us by Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Brian DePalma, and even Quentin Tarantino.

We’ve put together a list of the best crowd-pleasers that you can stream and watch. Since there are so many big ones, it wasn’t easy to pick one or two, so we picked ten.

These are by far the best crowd-pleasers ever made.

Top 10 Crowd Movies in America

With so many gangster and gangster movies easy to stream, it’s hard to decide which is the best gangster movie. We’ve compiled a must-see list of the best crowd-pleasing movies.

The Godfather: (Parts I and II)

This film is our pick for the best crowd-pleasing film to broadcast and watch in 2021. The Godfather Part I was an adaptation of Mario Puzo’s book of the same name.

Francis Ford Coppola raised the bar for crowd-pleasing movies when this film was released. It’s an epic gangster movie which is our pick for best gang movie.

The Godfather II is the sequel, and some think Coppola did a better job the second time around. This film shows the Corleone family in two different directions.

The second film goes back in time to show how Don Corleone went from an orphan in Sicily to a crime lord. Fast forward to 1950 with his son and what happens to the family as they are destroyed.



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If you haven’t seen Goodfellas, you’ve missed out on one of the best mafia movies of all time.
Ray Liotta plays Henry Hill, who is an underdog at the start of this film.

Goodfellas was one of Martin Scorses’ best movies about a gangster turning into an informer.

Henry Hill is introduced to some of the good people, and badda bing badda boom, he’s a gangster. Ray Liotta is amazing in the role and is supported by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro.

This is one of the best films in the crowd film genre.

Once upon a time in america

Sergio Leone made a masterpiece by making this film. Robert De Niro plays the role of “Noodles” and the film follows him and his life.

Noodles and his friends are Jewish and become gangsters in New York City. It’s one of those crowd-pleasers that not everyone is familiar with but should.



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This Brian De Palma mob movie is a remake of the 1932 version, except the plot has changed a lot.

This movie is set in Miami in the 1980s, and Al Pacino is fantastic in this classic.

When this movie came out it didn’t perform very well due to the violence and the way Cuban immigrants were shown.

Eastern promises

Viggo Mortensen plays a Russian Mafia agent who does a lot of work in this movie. It’s a role you wouldn’t expect to see Viggo play, but he does it so well.

This David Cronenberg movie has Viggo in a knife fight where he is naked in a public bath.

City of God

City of God

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This film is based on the novel of the same name on the growth of organized crime in Rio de Janeiro.

It is about two young men, one who becomes a powerful drug dealer and the other is a photographer who shows his point of view.

The Untouchables

Another great Brian De Palma film centered around Al Capone is played by Robert De Niro. This time the cops search for him and end up shooting him.

It stars Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, Sean Connery and Charles Martin Smith. It also has one of the best shootouts of all of those movies.

Boyz n the hood

Boyz n the hood

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John Singleton made this film a film school assignment. However, that first movie grew into a huge movie.

It has been critically acclaimed and nominated for numerous Oscars, and it is also an integral part of noir cinema.

This film is set in Los Angeles and shows how life is in the neighborhood. Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Morris Chestnut star in this big movie about growing up in south-central Los Angeles.

The dead

Yet another crowd film starring Martin Scorsese as the director. Fans raised money for the campaign to change the ending scene.

It’s set in South Boston and looks a lot like the Hong Kong crime movie called Internal Affairs. This film investigates the Irish Mafia.

Reservoir dogs

Reservoir dogs

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Quentin Tarantino’s mob movie put him on the map. This classic gangster movie is about a failed jewelry theft.

This film shows Tarantino’s strengths, such as blood, crazy storylines, crime cases, and the characters we end up loving.

This movie has so many memorable scenes that you’ll end up quoting after the second time you watch it. The soundtrack of this film is extremely well thought out and each scene goes so well with the music.

The cast and soundtrack alone are great, add the intrigue and you have some magic.

Honorable mention: sexy beast

This movie stars Ben Kingsley, and it’s an absolute work of art. Kingsley is phenomenal in this movie, and he’s a staple.

These films alone are a great reason the crowd-pleasing genre exists today. Audiences love a good crowd film.

Who is the most popular crowd today?

Who is the most popular crowd today?

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Since many of us are fans of crowd films, the most popular crowds have been mentioned. Some of the most popular mobs today come from all over the world.

Some of the more popular crowds include the Gambino family, one of the five families who still have power in New York.

La Cosa Nostra refers to the American mafia, originally from Sicily. The other mafia groups are the Lucchese family, Genovese, Bonanno and the Colombo families.

These families still work in the big cities today. However, as the world has changed, other mafia families, including the Russian mafia, Yakuza and the Irish mafia, are operating today.

With all of these crowd-pleasing movies made, our love for these movies has skyrocketed as well. The popularity of crowd pleasers has grown over time.

A lot of people have become obsessed with the crowd film genre as a whole.

Why are gangster movies so popular?

Why are gangster movies so popular?

Have you ever wondered why gangster movies are so popular? The public may be big fans of the Prohibition Age, bank robbers, drugs, and the Mafia.

For some reason, we’ve all become fans of mob movies. There are also many classic gangster movies starring great actors.

Gangster and mob movies are so popular because they show viewers the story of a way of life that many may envy. Gangster movies are mostly made with gangsters as heroes.

Gangster and Mafia movies are also the story of a wise man who may be unlucky. The movies show this guy and how he climbs the rankings with the crowds.

It portrays the sage as a hero and shows how he will do anything to progress in life and with his gang.

The gangsters and wise men portrayed in these movies are no ordinary guys and they show us a world of dangerous crime.

Breaking the law in these movies is fun and exciting, and the consequences are rarely discussed.

The best crowd-pleasers also have exciting and interesting themes. These movies show the power, the loyalty of the viewers and what happens when your loyalty is questioned or lacking.

Some of the best crowd-pleasers of all time are thrilling and you’ll never forget them either.

Viewers will watch the best crowd-pleaser movies over and over until they know every word and every scene.


The best crowd-pleasing movies appeal to most audiences, and they’re exciting, fun to watch, and very memorable. Viewers made crowd films among the highest ranked at the box office, and the talent behind these films is stellar.

Many of these films are not general crowd films. However, they show us how gangsters and Mafiosi are not much different at all.

Each of these films shows how these families stay alive and take care of their families in one way or another.

These are the best crowd-pleasers to stream and watch this year when you’re bored or want to watch one of the classics.

The gangster movie genre is one of the best.

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