Catania Oils unveils and celebrates its latest expansion in Ayer

AYER – With the big bang, Catania Oils has unveiled the company’s latest expansion: a 51,000 square foot development that promised to boost productivity and bring new jobs to the local community.

Attended by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito on Tuesday morning, along with other state, local and business leaders, the edible oil supplier celebrated the completion of a project that began just over a year ago. ‘a year. Catania Chairman Joseph Basile called the new building and its future “exciting milestones” for the company.

“Catania Oils is a fourth generation company that started over 100 years ago – and throughout those years, each generation has been responsible for improving the business for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the future generations of the family,” Basil said. “We expanded, explored new ways to achieve our goals and I’m proud to say that today we stayed true to that goal once again.”

While, for now, the site serves more as a warehouse, Basile said the space, over time, would be “transformed” into a “manufacturing space.” This space is expected to increase Catania’s own production while expanding the company’s ability to co-pack with manufacturing partners.

Basile said the expansion of operations will create 35 new jobs over the next five years. He said he thought that number was a “conservative estimate”.

“We could have 35 new jobs over the next 18 months,” Basile said, while stressing the importance of these jobs for the local economy. He also said the company would prioritize hiring Ayer and other nearby communities to further help those local economies.

“This local and direct impact on the economic front is important for us,” Basile said. “These communities have been good to us and we want to help support them in turn.”

This dedication to the community has remained true throughout the company’s history, which dates back to 1900. Founded by an older Joseph Basile after emigrating from Sicily to America, Basile said the commitment of the company towards “authenticity” as well as its workers and customers have never wavered.

As she shared some of her own family history – her great-grandfather, Francesco, emigrated to the United States and started his own construction company – Polito praised the Basile family and said she was ‘proud’ to be here to support a family that has made the American Dream come true.”

“I share the pride that is felt here today,” Polito said. “The work ethic, the pride in your name and what it means, the reputation you have earned, the people who have helped and hurt you with you whom you respect and admire and want to keep safe – it’s all wrapped up in how (the Basile family) has continued to succeed today.

“This continued success is the culmination of the sacrifices made by their family and everyone here today. So I just want to say thank you for being the keepers of tradition, notion and reality for so many many people who come to this country in search of a better life. That the American dream is still alive and present and available to those who want to set their compass on hard work and achievement,” she said. .

State Representative Dan Sena thanked Catania and the Basile family for their continued dedication to the Ayer community and their positive impact on the local economy.

“It’s great to be here to celebrate growth, another step forward for (Catania Oils),” Sena said. “And, as your representative, I’m so grateful to see more jobs created through this growth.”

Basil and Sena also took a moment to acknowledge the workers in Catania and the “tremendous efforts” they put in every day. Sena called them “the backbone that kept the economy moving.”

The expansion was made possible in part through a tax-incentive funding agreement passed by Ayer at the April 2021 town meeting. In the vote, the TIF received unanimous support – which City Manager Robert Pontbriand said “not seen often”.

“There was a standing room of applause after that vote,” he said. “In 20 years of municipal service, I have never seen anything like it — and it was a testament to the partnership between the residents of Ayer, the Basile family and all the workers involved in this important project.

Pontbriand went on to highlight this “partnership” between the community and Catania and said it gave him “great pleasure” to represent Ayer at the celebration.

“A city’s success is largely measured by the success of its businesses and how well the city can work with those businesses – and I can’t think of a better example than the partnership between Ayer and Catania Oils,” said Pontbriand.

Going forward, Basil said he hopes to further promote this partnership and said the essence of this partnership has long been true to Catania’s “core values” as a business.

“(Catania Oils) exists to have an everlasting impact on our community, our employees and our customers,” he said. “Being a business is one thing to be for profit and sell products and create income, but we are a family business – there is a deeper connection to the community than who we are. and why we are here and what we are all about.”

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