Catania, the lawyer for the Chat at the FAI: “First deserted auction, it’s a strategy but now…”

One of the leading sports law experts spoke to Itasportpress microphones

The auction has been abandoned bankruptcy pronounced by the Court of Catania for the purchase of the Catania Calcio, declared bankrupt last December. At the microphones of Itasportpress.itthe lawyer intervened Eduardo Chiacchioan expert in sports law and also jurist from Turin, who in the past has defended the Soccer Catania. Here is his analysis: “It does not surprise me that the first bankruptcy auction was abandoned. It is a strategy and it often happens because potential buyers try to lower the auction price and with subsequent enchantments they will be able to buy the rossazzurra company at a certain amount. I have followed many failing clubs and I know the subject well. There may be a continuation of the provisional exercise as happened to other clubs in the same conditions of Catania. If the court does not extend the provisional exercise, the team after February 28 is excluded from the championship. I don’t know the situation in Catania very well, so I won’t go into detail. I am very sorry for the bankruptcy of Catania and I am also one of the creditors for years of unpaid advice. Catania I won a lawsuit with Montevideo Wanderers for footballer Jorge Martinez and the Etna club saved 11 million euros. ” Lawyer Chiacchio therefore confirms what Itasportpress had anticipated on January 27 on the very high probability of a deserted auction as a real investor strategy.

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