College Football: Bowl Screenings After Week Six For Army, Navy & Air Force


The only thing that is certain in 2020: nothing is certain.

It will be the same for this next bowl season. With the coronavirus pandemic still impacting schedules in colleges and professional ranks, there is no guarantee that we will see the usual plethora of lawn mower sponsored bowl games and bad restaurants and potatoes.

But for now, the college football content machine continues, which means people around these internets are planning who will go to which bowling games.

There seems to be a consensus on the military and the navy, but when it comes to the air force, everyone has a different opinion.

This is probably because the Air Force only played one game this season, in which they beat the Midshipmen. We’ll have a better idea of ​​what kind of team the Falcons really are at the end of this month, after taking on San Jose State and Boise State.

Until then, we have these projections, recently updated after the week six games list.


  • ESPN (Shlabach): Independence Bowl vs. Washington State
  • ESPN (Bonagura): Independence Bowl vs. Washington State
  • CBS Sports: Independence Bowl v Oregon State
  • CollegeFootballNews: Independence Bowl vs. Stanford
  • USA today: Independence Bowl vs. Arizona


  • ESPN (Schlabach): Military Bowl against Virginia
  • CBS Sports: Military Bowl against Louisville
  • CollegeFootballNews: Military Bowl vs. Georgia Tech


  • ESPN (Bonagura): First Responder Bowl vs. Troy
  • CBS Sports: New Mexico Bowl vs. Marshall
  • CollegeFootballNews: Arizona Bowl vs Buffalo Home Loans
  • USA today: Idaho Potato vs Ball State

** Full screenings: CBS Sports, ESPN, USA today, CollegeFootballNews

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