Collingwood Magpies vs Hawthorn Hawks live score, updates, stats, practice match, stream, how to watch

After 18 months on the sidelines, James Sicily returns for Hawthorn, while Collingwood fans will be eagerly awaiting a glimpse of Nick Daicos water gun. Live from 4 p.m.!

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The Magpies are nearing full strength with Jordan De Goey (ribs) and Jeremy Howe (groin) the notable absentees from a whopping 46-man squad.

The Hawks nearly match him with a 45-man squad that includes all four 2021 rookies, with midfielder Josh Ward the big name, while Chad Wingard and Changkuoth Jiath are among the few missing.

The game starts at 4 p.m. EDT at the Morwell Recreation Reserve. It will run for six terms and extended squads including listed VFL players will be in attendance throughout the evening.

Hawthorn scored the first goal of the game via Dylan Moore, who received a free kick for high contact and converted the set piece.

The Pies responded shortly after via an incredible snap from a tight angle from Jamie Elliott.

Elliott would be offered another goal later in the quarter after Sicily verbally protested with a referee and received a 50-yard penalty.

There was also some hostility between the two teams early on, with top duo Mason Cox and Brodie Grundy battling opponents during a stoppage.

Western Bulldogs rookie Pat Lipinski really scored to provide another goal for the Pies – their fifth of the quarter against 1.3 for Hawthorn.

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The Pies continued to build their lead, with a goal after the quarter-time siren to Mason Cox making it seven for the team in the quarter.

They took a 7.1 (49) to 1.3 (9) lead in the first substitution.

“It seems a bit too easy (to be scored against) from a Hawthorn perspective,” said former Hawthorn premiership player Stephen Gilham.

“When they (Collingwood) are advancing they look really dangerous and likely to score more times than not.

“Coming back the other way…Hawthorn had enough opportunities but wasn’t able to connect with his forwards and connect and look dangerous for a while.”

The Hawks began to control the game better in the second quarter, taking advantage of a strong breeze to cut into the Hawks’ substantial lead.

One of Collingwood’s goals came early on from Nathan Kreuger, who came from Geelong late last year.

Elliott scored Collingwood’s 10th goal and his fourth in just a quarter and a half, further underscoring just how damaging he can be when fit.

Isaac Quaynor took a blow to the back of the head midway through the second term and was taken off the floor for evaluation.

Scott Pendlebury took a number of kicks from Collingwood, which follows a year in which he was tested at half-back before returning to full-time midfield.

Elliott scored his fifth goal with time left in the second quarter after a gut race put him on the end of a loose fly ball near goalsquare.

“You almost have to send your best defender to him,” Gilham said of Elliott.

A second goal for Kreuger made it five straight for the Pies, even against the wind, in an ominous sign for the Hawks.

Ben McEvoy scored after the halftime siren to break Collingwood’s streak, but came on at halftime 3.8 (26) down at 13.2 (80).

Cox scored twice early in the third quarter to take his tally to three and looked imposing on the pitch and even more so in a dynamic Collingwood forward line.

As if the Pies needed anything else to celebrate, a handball from Josh Daicos found his brother Nick heading for goal, with Nick converting and overwhelmed by his teammates to celebrate his first goal as Pie.

Magpie Squad: 1. Patrick Lipinski, 3. Josh Daicos, 4. Brodie Grundy 5. Jamie Elliott, 6. Tyler Brown, 7. Isaac Quaynor, 8. Trent Bianco, 9. John Noble, 10. Scott Pendlebury, 11 Sam Glover (VFL) , 12. Tom Wilson, 13. Taylor Adams, 14. Darcy Cameron, 15. Nathan Kreuger 16. Oliver Henry, 17. Callum Brown, 18. Finlay Macrae, 19. Arlo Draper, 20. Will Kelly, 21. Trey Ruscoe, 22. Steele Sidebottom, 23. Jack Madgen, 24. Caleb Poulter, 25. Jack Crisp, 26. Reef McInnes, 27. Cooper Murley, 28. Nathan Murphy, 29. Liam McMahon, 30. Darcy Moore, 31. Beau McCreery, 32. Will Hoskin-Elliott, 33. Jack Ginnivan, 34. Isaac Chugg, 35. Nick Daicos, 36. Harvey Harrison, 37. Brayden Maynard, 38. Campbell Hustwaite (VFL), 39. Aiden Begg, 40. Ash Johnson, 41. Brody Mihocek, 43. Charlie Dean, 44. Jacob Booth (VFL), 45. Michael Hartley (VFL), 46. Mason Cox, 47. Callan Wellings (VFL), 60. Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (VFL)

The Hawks team: 1. Harry Morrison, 2. Mitchell Lewis, 3. Tom Mitchell, 5. James Worpel, 6. James Sicily, 7. Ben McEvoy, 8. Sam Frost, 10. Jaeger O’Meara, 11. Conor Nash, 13. Dylan Moore, 14 years old. Jack Scrimshaw, 15 years old. Blake Hardwick, 16. Lachlan Bramble, 17. Daniel Howe, 18 years old. Max Lynch, 19 years old. Jack Gunston, 21 years old. Tom Phillips, 23 years old. Jacob Koschitzke, 24 years old. Denver Grainger-Barras, 25. Joshua Ward, 26. Liam Shiels, 27. Ned Long, 28. Kyle Hartigan, 29. Jai Serong, 30. Sam Butler, 31. Conor Macdonald, 32. Finn Maginness, 33. Tyler Brockman, 34. Fionn O’Hara, 36. Callum Porter (VFL), 37. Ned Reeves, 38. Vincent Adduci (VFL), 39. Emerson Jeka, 40. Seamus Mitchell, 42. Ed Phillips (BH), 43. Jack Saunders, 44. Jai Newcombe, 45 .Jackson Callow, 50. Fergus Greene (VFL), 51. James Parsons (VFL), 52. Luis D’angelo (VFL), 53. Mitchell Sruk (VFL), 54. Lachlan Wynd (VFL), 55. James Blanck (VFL), 56 years old. Jaylon Thorpe (VFL)

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