Defeating the mafia is possible says Mattarella – English

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 21 – President Sergio Mattarella said on Monday that it was possible to defeat the mafia in his message for the fifth national day of commemoration of the innocent victims of organized crime syndicates.

“Defeating the mafias is possible,” said the head of state, whose older brother, former Sicilian governor Piersanti Mattarella, assassinated by Cosa Nostra in 1980.

“This is demonstrated by the results of the tireless work of the police, justice, civil society.

“The mafias change form, business centers, modes of organization.

“They engage in legal activities and any understatement can open the door to criminal penetration.

“Public institutions, economic and social organizations, local authorities and individuals are all called upon to work to combat and defeat it”.

Mattarella said action was needed to honor Mafia victims.

“Remembrance is an action to honor those who have paid with their lives for the dignity of being men, opposing the inhumanity of the mafias, the violence, the subjugation of their families and the communities in which they were living.

“Memory is a call against indifference, to show that fear is overcome by the assertion of legality.

“To fight against the mafias is to keep the promise of freedom on which the life of the Republic rests”. (ANSA).


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