Dina Manzo and Dolores Catania Reportedly Not Friends Over Catania’s Support of Manzo’s Ex

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are used to family feuds, including that between sisters Dina and Caroline Manzo. Their feud was further escalated when it was revealed that Dina’s ex-husband was allegedly involved in her home invasion and physical assault. Now, it seems the reason Dina is no longer friends with current actor Dolores Catania is because Catania is supportive of Manzo’s ex.

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Dina Manzo’s ex-husband Tommy has been arrested in connection with a home invasion and brutal beatings

the old RHONJ The star and her husband David Cantin were victims of a brutal home invasion and assault at their Jersey Shore home in 2017. Cantin was also the victim of a beating two years prior at a mall in 2015. It turns out that Dina Tommy’s ex-husband has been charged as an accomplice to both attacks.

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An alleged accomplice of Tommy’s in the home invasion claims his payment for his participation was a generous discount on their wedding at The Brownstone, which Tommy co-owns. During the home invasion, Cantin suffered extreme bodily injuries and as a result has a permanent scar on his face. Dina was also seriously injured in the attack. The couple have since moved permanently to the West Coast.

According to NewJersy.com, investigators found evidence that Tommy stalked Dina and Cantin before the attacks. A search of Manzo’s office at The Brownstone revealed more than 300 pages of inquiries or “searches” on Google, Lexis Nexis and “Been Verified”, although Tommy claims they weren’t his. The searches reportedly all centered on Dina and Cantin, with one of the searches revealing the Little League schedule for Cantin’s son.

Dolores Catania and Dina Manzo’s sister wrote letters of support for Tommy Manzo

Caroline is married to Tommy’s brother, Albert. The Manzo family remains with Tommy throughout this legal battle. The New Jersey report notes that Caroline submitted a letter of support to the court, calling her brother-in-law “kind-hearted and caring.”

But Caroline is not alone. According to a report from Kempire, Catania also wrote a letter of support for Tommy. Catania and Dina had been friends for almost 20 years before their fallout, which is said to be directly related to the affair. Caroline and Catania remain close friends.

Things recently came to a head when mutual friend Catania’s RHONJ co-star Teresa Giudice, didn’t invite her to her engagement party. Catania believes her absence was due to Dina’s presence, as Dina is Giudice’s best friend.

The sisters stay away

dina is gone RHONJ midway through Season 2 and returned for one season in Season 6, but only because Caroline was no longer on the show. The sisters haven’t spoken to each other since Dina’s first outing, nor does she speak with her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, who was also a cast member – and Dina has missed notable family events, including the wedding. of his niece. Dina publicly criticized Caroline for supporting Tommy.

Tommy continues to claim his innocence. Dina is also at odds with her nephew, Caroline’s eldest son, Albie Jr. Albie voiced her support for her mother when it was made public that she had written a character letter for Tommy.

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