Dolores Catania loves her dream outdoor kitchen – ‘I put a little Italian touch to it’ [Exclusive]

Dolores Catania The Real Housewives of New Jersey may have home renovation PTSD after living in a construction zone for a year while ex-husband Frank renovated his house.

In the end, the home update was well worth the wait, but it wasn’t without a never-ending sense of frustration on her part. “I’m furious with Frank that he couldn’t come together to finish the house on the move-in date that we all agreed on,” Catania said on the RHONJ Season 12 opener. Adding, “Frank’s priorities are a bit off right now because he has a new girlfriend in Texas.”

So when it came time to update her garden, Catania let Frank sit back and ended up having an entirely different home updating experience. She spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her new garden and how this time around was very different.

Dolores Catania of ‘RHONJ’ added an Italian touch to her new outdoor kitchen

The centerpiece of the backyard is Catania’s new outdoor kitchen. “My garden kitchen,” she exclaimed. “So my RTA kitchen is amazing. I put a bit of Italian flair in it as I like to make my Sunday sauce.

Dolores Catania | Photo RTA Outdoor kitchen

Catania added that she finally has the swimming pool of her dreams. “Everyone would be done playing outside and I finally had a pool,” she said. “I waited 50 years to put a swimming pool!”

Catania then joked about who will really use the pool. “For the dogs, I guess now they can go swimming,” she joked.

Dolores Catania had some anxiety about creating the design but had a different experience this time

Catania loves how she can cook Sunday dinner while being included in outdoor entertainment. “I wanted to be able to cook my Sunday Italian meal and watch everyone enjoy the outdoors,” she remarked. “There’s a huge burner next to my grill that I can cook my sauce, my pot of sauce. And then it just smells all over the neighborhood. I mean, I love him so much. So [son] Frankie and all his great friends come over to sit and eat.

She described the layout of the outdoor kitchen. “It’s like a big huge square. It’s really unbelievable. It is a design that comes from Germany.

Dolores Catania sits in a chair with a dog on her lap and 2 other dogs sleeping in the background outside her outdoor kitchen

Dolores Catania | Photo RTA Outdoor kitchen

Catania worked with designers to get the right look and feel. “So RTA and Coyote are working together. You make a Zoom call and you choose things,” Catania recalled. “I’m not technically good at it. Like I actually had a bit of anxiety the night before I had to have that meeting and get my kitchen set up.

“But it was so easy,” she said. “I felt really cool to have been able to do it. I was able to choose my own stuff, my design, just the way I wanted. It’s so personalized to me and it’s so effective that it’s exactly what I want. It’s kind of prefab, but it’s not. It is the custom.

Dolores Said This ‘RHONJ’ House Update Was On A Very Different Timeline

One of the best parts of the whole experience? Unlike the renovation of his house, this one took an afternoon. “I think it took a few hours. No one in my neighborhood has a kitchen like mine. It’s incredible. It’s so effective. The company is on point. [Boyfriend] Paul [Connell] loved so much. He put it in [his] backyard too.

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Catania loves her kitchen so much that her design clashes with HGTV’s Mike Pyle designs Upside down and Kevin Lenhart, design director at Yardzen. Check out each kitchen design and vote at

Consumers who choose the winning design will be eligible to win prizes including grills, a pizza oven, and more. Everyone who votes will also receive early access to the new design and exclusive discounts.

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