Dolores Catania reveals why her boyfriend David hasn’t proposed yet


RHONJ star Dolores Catania reveals why her boyfriend David hasn’t proposed yet and whether or not she wants to get engaged to him.

Dolores Catania offers fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey one reason her boyfriend, David Principe, hasn’t proposed yet, and whether or not she wants to marry him yet. Fans were first introduced to Dolores in 2016 during the show’s seventh season. Before becoming a full-time housewife, however, Dolores appeared in the background of several episodes of the series. As a longtime friend of RHONJ stars Teresa Giudice and the Manzos, Dolores was at many events and reunions hosted by the two families and, as a result, was aware of how filming worked long before she became a housewife herself.

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Dolores and her boyfriend, David, have been together for several years now, and many wonder why the couple haven’t gotten engaged yet. This curiosity stems from Dolores’ steadfast position last season that she wanted greater engagement from David. A majority of the season revolved around her annoyance that she was helping David build a house, but he didn’t show the same level of commitment to her. She claimed she would not move to her new home without receiving a ring from her. She finished the season of Real Housewives from New Jersey expressing how annoyed she was that David hadn’t taken the chance and offered to her when she was almost sure to say yes. It seems Dolores has since changed her mind.

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This season introduces a brand new Dolores. In an interview with E! New, Dolores decided to ease some of the confusion surrounding her seemingly sudden change of heart. According to Dolores, she understands that people think her relationship should be on another level. However, she says she likes where they are. Dolores said: “David and I have a relationship that a lot of people aren’t used to, but I’m very happy with it. At this point in my life, I think it’s good for what I’m looking for. I just wish more people understood this.She went on to explain that she was old school and wanted to do things traditionally, which means you get engaged and move in together. That never meant she wanted to end the relationship if she didn’t get engaged; she wouldn’t move in together. The reason she was so upset last season was that she thought they would break up if they didn’t live together, but the RHONJ couple actually got very close without having taken this step.

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The big question is whether Dolores still wants to get engaged to David at this point. From what she said on the show, it looks like Dolores is content with knowing where she is in her relationship. During the interview, Dolores says exactly that. She says she would have liked to get engaged because it’s the natural next step in a relationship, but it’s not that important to her. She claims this is clearly not a deal breaker for her, because if it was, she wouldn’t continue to stay with him without it. “If it was so important to me and it didn’t happen, I don’t think I could stick with him. That’s what people don’t understand, you know? I don’t depend on David for anything. I am not a co-dependent person“, she says. She sees herself as an independent person, both financially and in all other aspects of life.

It looks like Dolores is happy with the state of her relationship now, but it’s unclear if it will stay that way. Her stance has changed dramatically from last season, so she might change her mind again. Also, it would be interesting to see if David finally takes the plunge and proposes to Dolores soon. They both seem to be, and claim to be, happy with the current situation, but no one has ever been sad to have been offered. While each Real Housewives from New Jersey fan wants Dolores and her ex-husband Frank to get back together, it seems their hopes will be dashed as she is happy with David. But never say never.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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