DXO Media announces the release of Capo: Rise to Power, season 2

Los Angeles, California, November 11, 2022 –(PR.com)– DXO Media (Los Angeles, CA) has announced that the second season of the television series Capo: Rise To Power is scheduled to be released on Memorial Day weekend 2023.

The show, Capo: Rise To Power is a historical fiction drama that tells the story of two mob families in the 1920s who were forced to flee from Palermo, Sicily to America. Barbarise says the show will explore a side of La Cosa Nostra that still exists today. The series is based on La Vecchia Religione, the age-old religion of Stregheria which has believers and followers all over the world. Barbarise says it’s unlike anything seen or said before.

Directed by award-winning director/producer/screenwriter Ashley De Grandy (Metanoia 2020), actor Jimmy Barbarise once again conquers the lead role of Michael Baresi in the Mafia saga. He learned that his family had been haunted for decades by the tragic loss and events of Italian witchcraft known as “Stregheria”. These life-changing events were ordered by an Italian mob from Long Island, NY. Can Michael Baresi break this generational curse? How long can his family be controlled by this spell dating back to Palermo, Italy in the 1920s? Michael now wants revenge for everything that has wronged his family.

Jimmy Barbarise has become the talk of the town for his project, Capo: Rise to Power. Fans of the show may have a reason to celebrate with more of what they loved from the first season. He is in talks with several networks to finalize a deal and start filming season 2.

For Barbarise, this role is not just another job, but a passion project close to his heart. He always wanted to show the world what it was like growing up in an Italian-American family and the struggles they had to go through.

In this series, Barbarise will also dive into the world of directing for a few episodes. The life-changing events of the Italian Mafia on Long Island, New York is a project he has wanted to do for years.

The series is based on real historical events that took place in the 1920s. It is meant to educate and entertain viewers so that they can understand the intricate details of the Mafia and its history.

Interested distributors may send inquiries directly to DXO Media at [email protected] for further information on serial distribution.

Producer: Vault Video Productions
Director/Screenwriter: Ashley De Grandy
Release Date: Memorial Day Weekend 2023
Main actor: Jim Barbarise

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