Easter turns out to be the loss of Sicilian mafia boss


The overwhelming appeal of a lavish Easter holiday in Sicily landed a prominent gangster behind bars on Sunday after authorities arrested him as he returned to the island from Brazil to celebrate with his family.

Considered by the authorities to be the newly appointed “capo” of the Pagliarelli Mafia district in the south-east of Palermo, Giuseppe Calvaruso (44), had been living for months in Brazil, from where the authorities say he delegated Mafia affairs to loyal subordinates.

Easter in Sicily is one of the most important Catholic celebrations. After being away from home for nearly a year, Calvaruso had planned a brief stay for family feasting, authorities said, departing from Natal and making a brief stopover in Paris before landing at the Falcone Borsellino airport in Palermo. He was arrested on Easter Sunday by the carabinieri police while awaiting his luggage. Anti-Mafia prosecutors indict him and four other faithful who were also arrested, including his right-hand man in Palermo, Giovanni Caruso (50) for Mafia association, extortion, assault, kidnapping and fraud.

The Sicilian Mafia divides Palermo into eight local districts, including Pagliarelli, which houses the city’s maximum security prison. Prosecutors say Calvaruso was appointed district chief of Pagliarelli after the oldest Sicilian mafia boss, Settimo Mineo (82), was sent to prison in December 2018.

Prosecutors say Calvaruso ordered a violent assault on a gang of thieves who committed several “unauthorized” thefts in his neighborhood. In one case, they say a local retailer hit by thieves twice in a week handed video of the theft to the local boss, who identified the thieves and led them to a garage where they were allegedly brutally beaten in the presence. by Calvaruso.

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