Everyone must stop infantizing Dolores Catania


The last episode of Real housewives from New Jersey was frustrating to watch as it seems no matter how many times star Dolores Catania says she’s happy and satisfied with her relationship, no one wants to believe her. The other RHONJ housewives continue to judge and voice their unwanted opinions about her relationship with David, which comes to a head when Joe Gorga calls her a “ruined” and “broken” woman at a party.

Look, I think Dolores is a queen and I’m not sure David deserves her, but the point is, Dolores says she’s happy and that’s all that matters. She’s an adult woman! It would be different if she actually went to see her friends and ask them for advice, but she made it clear that she preferred everyone to stay out of it.

It’s especially surprising to see someone like Jackie, who has spent the entire season shaken by rumors about her husband, would speak out about someone else’s relationship, but Jackie has done so with Teresa as well. For Jackie, it’s not good to discuss her marriage to Evan, but it’s only okay for her to comment on everyone’s relationships.

RHONJ recap: Joe Gorga’s behavior at the party was reprehensible

Then RHONJ Season 11, Episode 11 comes to a head when Joe decides that a big party with a group of people Dolores barely knows is a good time to demoralize her and generally put her down on David. Frankly, it’s disgusting, and I’m sick of people tolerating Joe’s misogyny because they pretend he’s just ‘old fashioned’. So what? It’s 2021, grow up Joe and everyone, stop making excuses for this egotistical baby man!

My jaw dropped when Joe started saying all this about Dolores, and Marge was right to call him chauvinistic. It would have been bad enough for Joe to say this in private or just with their group of friends, but he said it in front of tons of other people! He was deliberately humiliating Dolores, whether he realized it or not.

Then Melissa made matters worse by throwing in her “sounding” thing. Newsflash Melissa, taking a ‘poll’ and involving people like Michelle and her husband before chatting a lot with Dolores is discussing things behind his back. And after the departure of Dolores, Jackie continued!

It will be interesting to see how it goes in the reunion, that’s for sure.

New episodes of RHONJ Season 11 will air Wednesday evenings at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo.

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