FBI Files Reveal How Convicted Gambino Crime Boss Climbed the Mafia Ladder

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Gambino family ringleader Frank “Franky Boy” Cali was eliminated outside the Staten Island mansion in 2019.

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But his murder was not at the hands of underworld rivals. The killer was closer to home: his niece’s dumped lover, a QAnon follower.

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Now the FBI has released files revealing how Cali, 53, rose through the ranks of the underworld. The New York Post obtained the files on a Freedom of Information Act request.

In the gangs and among the cops who shot him, Cali was known as “a ghost” for his ability to keep a low profile. He has only been arrested once in connection with an extortion attempt in 2008.

“It’s basically a ghost,” the official said.

Franky Boy was less flashy than his predecessor John Gotti. Gravano thinks Teflon Don John Gotti has done more damage to the mafia than an army of chicken pigeons. GETTY PICTURES GETTY PICTURES

In files:

Cali first came to the attention of federal authorities for a phone card fraud scam in 1996, selling counterfeit phone travel cards. The crimes included: money laundering, income tax violation, mail fraud and wire fraud.

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“It goes without saying that the phone card industry is one of the largest sources of illegal revenue for the Gambino LCN family,” an FBI official wrote.

Anthony Comello, the alleged assassin of Gambino leader Francesco
Anthony Comello, the suspected assassin of Gambino leader Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali. FACEBOOK

By this time, Cali hadn’t even become a ‘made man’, despite being offered to join the Gambinos. The $94 million phone card scam would get him to the top.

“The method was to sell as many phone cards as possible on the street, charging the best price per country and offering the best discount to distributors,” said a report. “(Redacted) only paid Worldcom a small percentage of its outstanding balance throughout the ten-month program.”

The report added, “Gambino members such as (redacted) Frank Cali and others have lined their pockets with millions in cash from the aforementioned scheme.”

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In the end, the gangsters robbed the telecommunications company out of millions.

Cali drew inspiration from a low-key longtime boss, Carlo Gambino was the longtime boss of the family bearing his name.  GETTY PICTURES
Cali drew inspiration from a low-key longtime boss, Carlo Gambino was the longtime boss of the family bearing his name. GETTY PICTURES

In 1997 Cali was a made man and charges were never laid in the massive scam. However, Mob’s scion was John Gotti Jr., Gambino’s alleged boss at the time. The charges were later dropped.

During his 2008 extortion trial, Cali – at that time captain of Gambino – as prosecutors noted, was a successful criminal due to his low profile. And he should be locked up.

“Cali, like other family members, swore a blood oath to the organization to commit criminal activity,” the prosecution said. “Cali managed to fulfill that oath, largely because he was careful.”

Cali was born in Palermo, Sicily, and his mafia ties ran deep in the underworld homeland.


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An Italian mobster was caught saying about Cali: “He’s all over there.”

Authorities reveal that Cali was named Gambinos boss in 2015 after interim boss Domenico Cefalu resigned.

However, his stay at the top of the underworld did not last long.

Cali was reportedly shot and killed by conspiracy supporter Anthony Comello on March 13, 2019. Comello was found mentally unfit to stand trial.

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