Frank Catania Isn’t On “Best Terms” With Dolores’ Boyfriend

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Although Franc and Dolores Catania divorced more than 20 years ago, their friendship remains strong. So strong, in fact, that it’s actually a problem in some of their romantic relationships on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Both exes are now dating other people. In the past, Frank has suggested that Dolores’ current boyfriend Paul Connell is a Alpha— comparable to toy storyis Buzz Lightyear.

In an interview with Us Weekly at BravoCon, Frank shared that his relationship with Paul wasn’t perfect.

“We are not on good terms because Paul is not used to the dynamic between Dolores and me,” he explained. “If you spend more time with Dolores and me, you’ll see there’s nothing to worry about, right?” I love it. I will always love him. I always take care of her.

The relationship between the men, however, is on a better path.

“He’s gotten better, and we’ve spent a lot more time together and I think he’s gotten a lot more comfortable,” the star said. “Any tension that was there before, I feel like it’s gone. … When I see him, we’re embracing now.

His son Frankie has a slightly different grip.

“I don’t know how well he fits in with my dad, and I’m just being honest here,” the 24-year-old said. “They both have very manly alpha personalities, you know? So I don’t think they gel perfectly.

Despite their “showdown,” Frankie thinks the men will be able to pull it off one day. “They settle disputes,” he said. “They’re both amazing people, so they kind of find their way through it.”

During the conference, the father-of-two shared that he, Dolores and Paul sometimes had dinner together. “He’s a very cool guy, he’s nice, he’s very manly,” Frank said. “Even though he’s from Ireland, he reminds me of the kind of guy I grew up with.”

After viewers pointed out that Dolores was now wearing a ring, the housewife denied being engaged. “I will change it!” she said jokingly, and she explained that she had often been asked that.

During a “Let me tell you something about our families” panel, Dolores was also asked about the possibility of moving in with Paul.

“I already do,” she revealed. According to Dolores, they started living together “last December”.

“Paulie wanted this,” she said, and she joked that she just “stayed there [and] never left.”

Dolores told PEOPLE that Paul is a good support system and “is very involved in my life.”

“He always compliments me. He wants to improve my life. And when I first met him, he told me that was what he wanted. When he came into my life, he was like, “I know you’re very independent, but I want to be part of your stuff, so leave me.”

“And as independent as I am and never needed that, I had never heard anyone say that. So I kind of melted,” Dolores said. kind of broke a little wall that I had always had of being that tough girl.”

In a different panel, Frank said he and Paul have “come a long, long way. I never had a problem with Paulie, all I wanted him to do was be with Dolores and me at the same time so he could see that our relationship is not something we have to worry us. Now he sees that I would do anything for her.

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