Frank Catania reveals what ex Dolores thinks of his girlfriend Brittany

Frank and Dolores Catania’s loved ones haven’t always been greeted warmly by each other, their kids, or the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ cast — but that’s not the case for his new girlfriend , Brittany Mattessich.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Frank admitted that the ex-husband’s daughter, Gabby, tends to be his “toughest dating critic” — but even she adores the blonde bombshell.

“Gabby says, ‘How don’t you like Brittany? You can’t help loving Brittany! … It’s not just my daughter; it’s the whole family. And Dolores too! Frank said excitedly.

Mattessich, who joined us for the chat, let out a “thank goodness” when we asked her how it felt to be so accepted by the Catania clan.

“Oh, I love that,” she exclaimed. “You know, that’s all you want.”

Frank Catania and Brittany Mattessich on
Frank Catania told Page Six that his ex-wife, Dolores Catania, and his girlfriend, Brittany Mattessich, get along great.
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According to the couple – who have been friends for 10 years, romantic for three and in a serious relationship for “six to eight months” – Mattessich was also welcomed with open arms by the Dolores co-stars.

“Brittany started filming this year,” Frank said with a smile, noting that “everyone in the cast loves her. You can’t start with Brittany. can’t. If you do, you look bad.

“I also try to block her from any controversy. I will step in before it happens anywhere,” the season 13 finale apparent peacekeeper made sure to add.

Dolores and Frank Catania hand in hand
Frank said Mattessich was not intimidated by his close relationship with Dolores.
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Frank also shared that Bravo cameras were rolling as he and Dolores held a “family reunion” with their children, including Frankie Jr., and partners, including Dolores’ boyfriend Paul “Paulie” Connell.

Frank and Dolores have an admittedly unconventional relationship, as the ex-turned-friends continue to vacation together and even lived together long after their divorce. But Frank said his friendship with Dolores hasn’t affected his relationship with Mattessich.

“Before Brittany and I were united, she knew about the relationship between Dolores and me. And she knew Dolores; she was around Dolores. And when we started dating, I have to be honest with you, it wasn’t a problem at all,” he told us.

Dolores Catania and Paulie Connell taking a selfie
Frank said he and Mattessich recently went to dinner with Dolores and her boyfriend, Paulie Connell.

“Brittany has come, [and] it took him a little while to get used to the semantics. But quite honestly, Brittany is doing perfectly well. And the more someone hangs out with Dolores and me on an occasional basis, you realize there’s nothing to worry about,” he continued.

“And that’s a bit of a hurdle we have with Dolores’ new boyfriend, so we’re trying to work through that,” he added of the Irish businessman, whom Frank previously said. that he looked like Buzz Lightyear.

“We are getting there. We’re doing pretty well,” Frank noted of the foursome’s ability to coexist, revealing that they even recently went on a double date.

Frank and Dolores Catania posing with their children, Frankie Jr. and Gabby
Frank said a “family reunion” in Catania with the children and relatives of the parents was filmed for season 13 of “RHONJ.”

Although the dynamic is “getting much, much better,” Frank warned that his relationship with Connell will “never be to the point that me and David [Principe]- Dolores’ ex-boyfriend who Frank befriended and even lived with for a while.

“I mean, David is one of my best friends,” Frank said before acknowledging that it might contribute to those “hurdles” he’s having with Connell.

“Maybe a little it does [bother Connell], but I have to tell you, when Dolores and David first broke up, Dolores said to me and the kids, “Guys, please have your own relationship with him.” Don’t let my relationship with him affect that. And quite honestly, it’s not,” Frank shared, adding that he just wanted to “see Dolores happy.”

Frank Catania posing at Melissa Gorga's store, Envy
Frank said he’s still “best friends” with Dolores’ ex-boyfriend David Principe.
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Dolores is so happy, in fact, that Frank said it was the first summer she “didn’t go to [Jersey] Home ashore and hang out with us.

As for Mattessich, who met Frank when he was her competitive fitness trainer, she told us she “always had a crush” on the Garden State hunk.

“The same as Teresa [Giudice] did when Frank helped her. I was doing the same – bikini,” Mattessich explained, as Frank proudly chimed in, “And she won! She won all her shows.

Dolores Catania
Dolores didn’t want her separation from Principe to affect her relationship with her family.
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But with so many Bravo fans also cute for Frank (and his lookalike son)how is Mattessich doing?

“It’s a lot,” she admitted before acknowledging that she felt she was handling it “very well.”

“I don’t know if many other girls could do it,” she said. “But I think I’m doing a good job. Ok baby ? »

Frank agreed, noting that “half the time she takes the picture!”

“Brittany is a very safe person,” he added. “She’s thin-skinned, but she’s very confident.”

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