Frank Catania says he never thought or said Evan Goldschneider cheated on Jackie Goldschneider

The Real Housewives of New Jersey came out strong with its final season. There are whispers of rumors surrounding by Teresa Guidice man Luis Ruelasa subject that will lead to a quarrel ending the friendship with Marguerite Josephs. The margin is busy exposing everyone and taking no prisoners. Need proof? She dropped a bomb that by Jennifer Aydin husband Bill Aydin cheated on her ten years ago. It was shocking not only because they seemed like such a solid couple, but Jennifer never held back when it came to shaming Marge for how she met her husband. Same Gia Giudice was previously involved in a verbal fight at a pool party. Jersey is back, baby.

The last episode of RHONJ shocked me because I found myself kinda enjoying Jackie Goldschneider. Jackie is just happy that someone else’s drama is front and center, after debunking rumors about Evan Goldschneider caused a mess last year. Jackie was actually a supportive friend for Jennifer when the other ladies, especially margin, wanted Jen to pull herself together and pretend it didn’t happen, or acknowledge her own bad behavior. Jennifer, however, was just overwhelmed and Jackie was there for her. It was a pleasant surprise.

i.e. before Margarine threw another vicious wrench into the mix. It seemed like Margaret was embarrassed that her good pal Jackie sympathized with the enemy. Therefore, she detonated a bomb which Jennifer was digging for soil Evan’s business rumor last year. In fact, Margaret claims that Jennifer asked Frank Catania, of all people, to put her in touch with Evan’s alleged mistress. Jackie was upset but held on because she knew Jennifer was even more of a wreck right now.

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Franc is the nice resident of RHONJ. Of course he cheated Dolores Catania in the past. But they got away with it and have a strong friendship these days. So when Daisy mentioned his name when it came to Eva rumors, Frank shut it down real quick. He made an Instagram story to let people know his stance, as he knows firsthand the impact situations like this have on a family.

In a screenshot captured by @realhousewiveszone, Franc says his peace. “Just to clarify, I was always of the absolute position that @evangoldschneider never cheated @jackiegoldschneider so there is no possibility that I know a woman or say anything about it to anyone,” he wrote. the RHONJ The gang of husbands is so tight they obviously don’t want any friction with Evan. Because even though the rumors weren’t true, the Evan and Jackie debacle caused a lot of trouble behind the scenes. the Jennifer and Bill of all this seemed to be the sequel.

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