Good campaign for pigmented citrus fruits

“An excellent campaign which saw citrus prices double for producers. However, traders are penalized because the high production prices do not correspond to what is paid on the Italian and foreign markets”, explains Giuseppe Auteri, commercial director of the Galletto OP cooperative in Palagonia (Catania).

With a remarkable production of citrus fruits and table grapes grown on a total of 2,000 hectares, this PO represents more than 50 producers and is one of the main organizations in Sicily.

The main productions are Tarocco blood oranges and early grapes grown in greenhouses. The cooperative was created in 2008 by Giuseppe Auteri himself, who has more than 20 years of experience in the citrus sector and who decided to create a cooperative capable of meeting the growing demand for high quality fruit with 9 other producers. With a growing turnover, the PO now employs around 600 people.

“We live in a complex period, characterized by a crisis that reduces the purchasing power of families, which is why the markets cannot absorb the high quotations. In a year like this, I believe that only well-structured companies manage to balance their budgets and honor contracts with large retail chains.”

“As for production, prices for crop management have increased, and I’m not just talking about fertilizers and skilled labor (which is increasingly lacking). Energy and logistics costs are higher and expenses are difficult to amortize. At the end of February, for example, the truckers’ strike caused by the increase in the price of gasoline, tolls and raw materials created difficulties for the entire segment. Our competitors, mainly Spain, have benefited from it.

Tarocco blood oranges have historically been the most popular product and Il Galletto OP is among the leading organizations to have invested in new plantings. The wide varietal choice covers an extended calendar, with mandarin and citrus volumes available between November and June (Tarocco Rosso, Tarocco Gallo, Tarocco Lempso, Tarocco Meli tardivo, Moro, Sanguinello, Nova and Navel). Over the years, the cooperative has created a premium brand – Cuore Rosso- which is now very popular abroad and mainly in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

“We are currently marketing Tarocco Gallo, which is an elite product with high added value. The campaign of pigmented varieties such as Tarocco Ippolito, Tarocco Lempso and Tarocco rosso has been good. We have managed to retain important customers in markets niche in Italy and abroad, eager to recognize the value of a high quality product.”

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