How does the sequel compare to the first movie?

In 2020, Netflix released 365 days, an erotic romance film that blew up the internet. On the heels of Fifty shades of Grey trilogy and its mixed reviews, 365 days became just as popular but even more criticized. With a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film nevertheless gained popularity. A singular line from the film, “Are you lost, little girl?” was immortalized by social media. Likewise, lead star and eye candy Michele Morrone, who plays Massimo in the film, will forever be linked to this famous line delivered with over-the-top sensuality.

The first film follows Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), who travels to Sicily to try to save her failing relationship but ends up being kidnapped instead. Her captor, Massimo, confessed his attraction to her and that he would release her after 365 days if she had not fallen in love with him by then. We can all agree that’s not a healthy way to start a relationship, but after a bit of rebellion because, like us, Laura decided Massimo was crazy, she actually fell in love with him, and the critics outraged flocked.


Although there were a lot of bad reviews, there were also good ones. Viewers called the film thrilling and bold compared to its not-so-distant relative, Fifty shades of Grey. The following, 365 days: this day, was released in April 2022, and once again, critics had a blast. But which film resisted the most, the first or the second?

The first movie gave us more dialogue, but minutes passed in the sequel before the plot was revealed, which is frustrating for audiences. Many have compared the film’s opening minutes to commercials or music videos with its seemingly endless and compelling soundtrack, minimal or non-existent dialogue, and barrage of editing. A storyline is expected to follow in the movies, so these scenes came across as pointless though entertaining.

Even so, with many stating This day offered even less than the first film, there was one particular detail in the second film that made it stand out from the first, and that was Nacho, Laura’s second love.

Nacho vs. Massimo

Loyalty matters, but for many viewers Nacho, played by Simone Susinna, is the winner when it comes to who should be with Laura. During This day, Massimo confessed that he had a brother and then refused to specify where this brother was, which angered Laura. Then came Nacho, the beautiful gardener, and right away viewers knew what was about to happen, which was a twist that was more like a twist. He didn’t garden to prove his skill while sporting various tattoos and dripping with loot, but we won’t complain much about that. Laura’s interest in him showed up right away, which was questionable for a married woman. Yet, already feeling neglected in her marriage, she fell in love with Nacho from the start. After discovering Massimo’s secret brother, some viewers thought Nacho was that brother.

After seeing Massimo in a compromising position, Laura realized she had made a mistake marrying a mob boss. Nacho stepped in to help a woman in a bad situation, taking Laura to her hidden paradise home. The two began a forbidden friendship, and although Laura didn’t say so right away, we were all a bit confused by the lavish life of Nacho the gardener until he revealed that his luxurious home belonged to his father, whom he was trying to be independent of.

While Nacho never overstepped and only cared about Laura, their chemistry was enough to fill in the romantic gaps in Laura’s relationship with Massimo. With an unpleasant start and a difficult duration until marriage, Laura’s union with Massimo was toxic but passionate, and Nacho turned out to be the opposite. He shared loving moments with Laura and was sweet and caring, until it was revealed that he was the son of a rival mob boss.

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Laura certainly attracts a specific type and once again felt betrayed and caught off guard. Although she left voluntarily with Nacho and was not kidnapped this time, he confessed that he would have found a way to have her alone. Still, viewers couldn’t deny that Laura’s scenes with Nacho offered at least a small taste of what should be included in a romance movie. It all comes down to personal preference, a mob boss who wants a trophy wife or a woman who lets you talk and feel seen.

Part 3 of 365 days has been confirmed, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in this budding love triangle.

Part 3 and what to expect

The third part of the trilogy, 365 days: next 365 days, has been confirmed, and we have so many questions that we hope will be answered. Will Laura be conquered by Nacho and put an end to her marriage with Massimo, or will the handsome Italian kid Massimo reconcile with his wife? It has, however, become a trend with the first and second film to introduce storylines that then vanish into thin air without being followed, such as the end of the first film and Laura in an accident.

The second film opens with Laura alive and getting married to Massimo without any details of her car accident other than the loss of her baby and the secret of her future mafia husband. It’s not until the end of the film that we learn more about who orchestrated his crash, but the whole ordeal isn’t mentioned at any other point. You would expect a mob boss to want answers and heads to roll if their fiancé was nearly killed.

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The movies are an adaptation of Blanka Lipinska’s bestselling novels, but so far they haven’t followed the exact plot of the books. Therefore, we don’t know what will happen in the third movie, but we have some ideas based on the synopsis of the 3rd book:

“Pregnant Laura is shot. The best doctors fight for a woman’s life. Her husband, the boss of the Sicilian mafia, must make the most difficult decision of his life: who to save: his beloved or their child. What choice will Massimo make? Will life without Laura still have meaning for him? Will he be able to raise their son alone? Millions of them swirl around in his head, but none bring relief. He does not know what will be the fate of his family. From whom will he follow the 365 days in the third part of the sage?

But Laura lost her child in the accident in the first film. Did she get pregnant again during the second, and it wasn’t mentioned? We’ll find out soon enough, and it’s worth noting, in the books Laura eventually needed a heart transplant, and Massimo kicked his madness up a notch by sending her a box containing his dog from company he killed. The books have so many juicy details, and we’re hoping to see more in the third movie to wrap things up.

There wasn’t much of a wait between the release of the first and second film, and it was confirmed that the third installment was filmed immediately after the second. Sad to say, if that’s the case, there may not be any improvement absent a developed storyline, but no matter the reviews, good or bad, we’ll all tune in for see what will happen. To some, both movies were not goodand for others, the first was better than the second and vice versa, but we will leave the decision to you.

If you haven’t watched either movie, catch up on Netflix now, and we’ll see you soon for Part 3.

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