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We caught up with Italian duo Giolì & Assia to chat about their new single “Playing Chess”, their recent festival experiences and filming on a volcano!

As for the powerful duo Gioli & Asia, there’s nothing this duo can’t do. First appearance on stage in 2017 with titles like “stay closer,” “Paradise to share,” and “How can I?“, they quickly became known for their unique blend of electronic music that incorporates heartbreaking vocals and live instruments.

Giolì & Assia’s first album, INSTANT, was a success, and soon after they created their label, Diesis folders, to help them develop their careers. Then the duo added another dimension to their artistry by starting to film live recording sessions in fascinating and picture-perfect areas like volcanoes, islands and glaciers. The #DiesisLive series continues to garner much love and attention when many were unable to travel and visit these majestic places.

This year, Giolì & Assia have released tracks such as “Fire, Hell and Saint Water,” “it will be fine,” and “The silence” on Ultra Records as they prepare their next album due out this year. Additionally, they also played electric forest and Day Trip Festivalthen left for Europe as their tour continued with their live show.

Today Giolì & Assia released their new single, “Play chess», a catchy electronic song led by Giolì’s drums and piano chords. Luckily, we got the chance to chat with the duo about their latest track and more. Watch the “Playing Chess” video on YouTube or your favorite platform and read on for the full conversation!

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Hi Giolì & Assia, thank you for taking the time to chat with us today! Congratulations on the release of “Playing Chess”, it’s a breathtaking track dripping with emotion. Can you share what the production process of this track was like?

Thank you for receiving us! After our winter tour of the USA last year, we returned home full of inspiration and ideas. Play chess was the first song we wrote once back in the studio in January. Our ideas were clear on how we wanted this track to sound. We wanted it to be Cinematic, that’s why it starts with piano and strings, but then we decided to change the atmosphere, adding an electronic/rock touch from the second verse.

The lyrics revolve around the metaphor that we are just pawns on a chessboard, part of a game, part of a mechanism that is none other than the society we live in today, that takes us away from our humanity and our true form. The only escape from this game is at night; only at night do we reveal our true selves, and only at night can we be free: “But when it’s dark I know our souls are true, yeah when it’s dark I see the light in your eyes, but when it’s sunny you hide.”

Earlier this summer you released “I’ll Be Fine”, which arrived with news of your upcoming album, Hell fire and holy water. What can fans expect to hear from this release, and what is the overall message you hope fans take in when listening to the album?

Hell fire and holy water is an album that isn’t afraid to dig deep, tackling themes like the meaning of life, the shortcomings of humanity and depression. The concept behind the title is the war of opposites. On one side: fire and hell. On the other: holy water.

Two opposing images but both valid, which tell of a duality and excesses which, in one way or another, always find a way to balance each other. The concept of hell in the album is recurring and is a metaphor for depression. This concept is also referenced in songs other than “Fire Hell and Holy Water”, such as “Jaula”, “Eurydice”, and “Even If The Time Will Pass By”.

Did you approach the creation of this corpus differently compared to your previous albums istanbul and Night experience?

Yes, our creative process has definitely changed. We’ve grown so much over the past few years, and so have our creative desires, like wanting to communicate deeper meaning through our music and lyrics. istanbul was our first approach to songwriting, while Night experience was more dance/club oriented. We think Hell fire and holy water is the album that best explains who we are as artists, songwriters and humans.

You’ve recorded many of your #DiesisLive series in and around your hometown of Palermo, Italy, including on an active volcano in the Aeolian Islands, Punta Bianca, Isola Della Feminine, Andromeda Theater in Agrigento, and Etna Volcano in Sicily. What gave you the idea to create this virtual experience so close to home?

We launched the Diesis Live format without knowing if it would be successful. We just wanted to present our live performance to the world, but also try to connect with people, giving them an immersive journey, including both music and beautiful scenery. We are both from Sicily, as is our video team. We all feel so lucky to be born in such an amazing place full of different vistas like volcanoes, beaches, historical monuments, etc.

Beyond those streams, you’ve recently performed at festivals like Day Trip and Electric Forest. What was your preparation process for these two festivals? Is it similar to how you prepare for your live broadcast sets?

We loved playing both Day Trip and Electric Forest. The preparation process differs between a live show and a Diesis Live video. At our live shows, we usually perform in front of people seeing us for the first time, so our live performance contains our most famous songs like “Inside Your Head”, “Feel Good”, “Blame On Me, » and of course songs from the album, while each Diesis Live is unique; we always perform new music, our own but also that of other artists, in order to be able to offer a completely new musical and visual journey to our fans. and followers.

Together, you both wear many hats, from singers and producers to instrumentalists and label owners. What drove the pursuit to continue to branch out from one career-focused interest to another?

We believe that art and ambition have no limits and can cover infinite areas. We are both certain that we have not yet achieved all of our goals, especially in areas that are new to us and where we would like to enter, such as composing soundtracks.

Few people can successfully tie their career to their relationship, and you handle it perfectly. What advice do any of you have for balancing the two while working?

Our advice is to make space for the relationship outside of work so that we can have fun together and draw inspiration from areas that are not strictly related to the world of work.

Finally, having already accomplished so much, what other goals do you hope to achieve or what plans do you have for the future?

We have endless goals for our careers as producers, live performers and record label owners. We want our music to reach more and more people; we want to play festivals on stage all over the world and see the artists signed to our label become successful touring artists and producers.

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