Is Tulsa King based on a true story?

from Paramount king of tulsa is about outlawed New York mobster Dwight “The General” Manfredi, an entirely fictional character whose life is loosely based on the dark history of the mob. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan continues to expand the Sheridanverse with Tulsa King. Sylvester Stallone plays Manfredi in the actor’s first leading role in a television series, and king of tulsaReal-life inspirations evoke one of the bloodiest eras in the history of the Sicilian Mafia.


Manfredi isn’t based on one person, but his banishment to Tulsa is a strong reminder of what happened to the Inzerillo crime family of Palermo, Italy. In the 1980s, when the Gambinos ruled New York, the city of Palermo was ruled by the ruthless Salvatore Riina, also known as “Boss of Bosses” and “The Beast”, whom authorities believe was responsible for thousands of murders. In fact, the events that inspired king of tulsa are much bloodier than even the true stories that inspired The Godfather Where Freedmen.

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Is there anything real at Tulsa King?


Tulsa King’s story may draw inspiration from the Inzerillo family and their relationship with the mob. In a successful attempt to take over the leadership of the Sicilian Mafia, Salvatore Riina and the Corleonesi faction of the Mafia nearly exterminated the Inzerillo family and their other rivals throughout the 1970s. After the Gambinos and the Inzerillos’ other American allies intervened on behalf of the family, Salvatore Riina allowed the Inzerillos to escape his wrath, on the condition that they leave and never set foot on Sicilian soil again. The banished Inzerillos lived their lives in exile in New York City, mostly content to stay under the radar and protection of the powerful New York Mafia, at least until the Gambino crime family dropped in the mid 80’s.

king of tulsa reverses these events by banishing a capo from New York to Oklahoma. Although Dwight’s banishment to Tulsa does not explicitly come with the condition that he never set foot in New York again, it is strongly implied. As Chickie Invernizzi tells Dwight, “There is nothing for you here.” As everyone in the room danced around the term, Dwight said “banishment” out loud to bring up the history of the Inzerillo family, events that his fellow New York mobsters know all too well.

However, Tulsa King is entirely fictional, no real New York mobster has ever been banished to Tulsa on the pretext of establishing new territory for the Mafia. That said, aside from how Dwight’s experiences echo the exile of the Inzerillo family, some elements of the series are accurate and realistic. Like many other films and series based on true crime stories, king of tulsa borrows from the real world. This includes how Dwight is watched by the police, which is standard procedure for known members of the mob who have just been released from prison. More importantly, Dwight’s very exile mirrors the fate that awaits anyone who survives his usefulness to the mob.

What Dwight’s Tulsa King Ban Means

Tulsa King Sylvester Stallone as Dwight The General Manfredi header

Dwight Manfredi’s banishment takes on a different meaning when examined not only in its historical context, but also in the fact that he is being watched by Oklahoma cops. Chickie and Pete Invernizzi basically gave Dwight a consolation prize for taking the fall and keeping his mouth shut for 25 years. However, while the pilot reveals the cops still have their eyes on Dwight, there could be more to the story than just Dwight being passed over for the underboss role, even though he’s had his day. while remaining faithful to mafia code of honor and silence.

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Firstly, king of tulsa depicts a common police practice: surveillance of recently released mafia associates. On the other hand, the ATF officer himself is adamant that Dwight’s case is beyond the purview of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This could be a clue that the Mafia are keeping Dwight in the dark about certain factors regarding his banishment from New York. Considering the bloody history attached to banishment and exile in the Mafia, king of tulsaDwight Manfredi is probably in more danger than he thinks.

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