Italy launches campaign to promote 1000 off-the-beaten-track destinations

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Italy has become a very popular summer vacation destination, especially for Americans. A recent report published by Airbnb revealed that American travelers are very interested in destinations like Venice, Capri and Florence this year.

The Italian government is aware of the country’s popularity with international travelers and while helping the country weather the pandemic and the Ukrainian war crisis, it is also concerned about overtourism.

The Italian Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourist Board recently worked together on a solution and launched a new campaign to promote spectacular off-the-beaten-path destinations.

“It was part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s strategic plan to better connect well-known areas with lesser-known ones,” says Maria Elena Rossi, head of the tourism board, as reported euro news.

The new initiative is called “Viaggio Italiano” (Travel to Italy) and hopes to show travelers unpopular destinations with high tourism potential. This project was described on the official website as “an unforgettable journey through villages, landscapes, paths and food”.

More than 1,000 fascinating villages, 100 landscapes and 100 hiking routes are featured with this new campaign. In the press release it was stated: “Today Italy is more desired than ever. Precisely for this reason, it is the ideal moment to intercept visitors, Italian and non-Italian, through a clear and evocative overview: “A lifetime would not be enough to discover all of Italy”.

Now travelers have a fascinating guide created by experts to experience “the real Italy”, avoid the big crowds and learn about the fascinating Italian culture.

Hidden gems in Italy

The Italian government has developed a platform that visitors can use to discover exotic and special landscapes. Users can try out the interactive map and plan a route or use a filter to choose a destination in a specific region.

Travelers will discover charming short videos and even historical quotes related to the location. Here are three examples of fascinating destinations promoted on the website:

Abruzzo: not just mountains

According to the information presented, in this region travelers will meet friendly people and can learn about local ancient holidays. Visitors can also taste the delicious local wine and explore its rivers, coast, mountains and green meadows.

Cinque Terre: In Liguria

In this chain of five ancient coastal villages, travelers will find colorful houses, beautiful vineyards and breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs. The website says nature has a “strong personality” here and visitors will feel happy walking its paths.

The Valle Dei Templi, Selinunte: In Sicily

The Valley of the Temples offers visitors a fascinating archaeological landscape with Greek culture and aesthetics. Travelers will find a powerful energy and a very Mediterranean charm. “Even after millennia, as products of ingenuity and spirituality that cannot be reduced to a mere ruin or a banal postcard image, but to be understood as a historic landscape that honors civilization.”

There is also a special category for “Tastes of Italy” where travelers will find a guide explaining traditional local dishes, itineraries with places to visit to taste original local dishes and information on food and wine events.

For example, if a user wants to know more about the gastronomy of the Puglia region, the platform will display information about its wonderful olive oil and wines, details about traditional dishes like “Panzerotti”, itineraries on the coast and interesting facts about the “Due Mari wine fest di Taranto”, a gastronomic event in Taranto.

Those interested in trekking and cycling routes will also find valuable information. The Italian government has highlighted 100 incredible routes to promote “slow travel” and sustainable tourism. Travelers can experience Italy by exploring some of the trails featured like the Santa Barbara mining route in a national park in Sardinia, with different routes that can be explored on foot, by bike or on horseback.

More information is available on the official campaign website

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