Jennifer Aydin blames Frank Catania for Evan cheating rumors

Jennifer Aydin claims Frank Catania was the one who started the Evan Goldschneider cheating rumors on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Jennifer Aydin claims Frank Catania was the one who started the Evan Goldschneider cheating rumors The Real Housewives of New Jersey. With Jen confronting Bill Aydin’s former affair, she became the show’s newest target. After being called out for her past brewing other people’s marriages, Jen tries to defend herself from being called a bone collector. Now that the Season 11 cheating rumors about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband have resurfaced, Jen accuses Frank of being the first to spread the gossip.

Season 12 kicked off with Margaret and Jen at Teresa Giudice’s summer launch party. Margaret has had enough of Jen presenting herself as better than the rest and constantly judging Margaret and Margaret Sr. for their past of deception. Margaret got Jen back by finally revealing the affair she knows Bill had years ago. Jen immediately became defensive while admitting her husband’s past cheating. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the housewives voice their opinions on Margaret and Jen’s feud, with most (except Teresa) agreeing that Jen brought him in.


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The heated debate led to rumors of Evan Season 11 cheating, with Jen being ousted as she tried to contact people to smear Jackie’s husband. But Jen was quick to claim that she only heard about Evan cheating at the gym from Frank, Dolores Catania’s ex-husband. After the episode aired, Jen doubled down on her claims in a post on her Instagram story. i look congratulations reposted a screenshot of Jen’s post on Twitter claiming that “Frank 100% brought up the rumor again, the fact that he and Dolores think they can shoot this is hysterical.

On Instagram, Jen posted a photo from the episode on her TV and captioned the post to clarify her claims about the show. Doubling down on her claims that she believes Evan”never cheated“on Jackie, Jen claimed it was proof that she”didn’t know any women or tell anyone.” Speaking to her followers, Jen asked them to think about “how would I think to ask Frank these things if it didn’t come from him first?” Jen also noted that Frank admits to knowing about Evan’s cheating rumors in the after-show. With Jen calling Frank, it could mean trouble between her and Dolores.

Dolores sided with Margaret, having once learned that Jen had contacted Frank to dig up dirt on Evan. Although Dolores and Frank have been divorced for years, the two are still extremely close and protective of each other. With Jen putting Frank on the blast, Dolores will likely come to that defense and become more at odds with Jen. The drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey heats up and points to a major showdown in the near future. Jen could end the season with more enemies than she had at the start.

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