Judicial security could look more like Sicily in 1992 than the United States in 2022 if the trumpets are not stopped

“On the windows of dozens of storefronts and restaurants in Via Maqueda, the busy street that crosses the historic center of the city, is the sticker “Addiopizzo” (Goodbye extortion), which is a pledge that the owners of the business refused to pay the protection money to the mafia bosses. This is just one of the many signs that today Cosa Nostra is the one on its knees. In 1992, the prosecutor Paolo Borsellino was killed by a car bomb in Via D’Amelio, Palermo, less than two months after the death of his good friend, Judge Giovanni Falcone.
‘Addiopizzo’ (Goodbye Extortion) sticker is a token that business owners refused to pay protection money to mafia bosses

Elmer “Stewart” Rhodes has suggested that the US government has sex tapes of members of Congress and that it could use the videos to get Congress to keep Trump in power despite him losing the 2020 election to by Joe Biden.

The former guy operated as a criminal organization that was soon only viable through its ability to manipulate the law to keep its leaders out of jail. Liberal complaints against senators voting unanimously for increased judicial security for SCOTUS only show how seriously criminal the GOP is now that its fringes have appropriated its center. Manafort’s line of corruption, through Ukraine’s kleptocracy and up to Trump’s first impeachment, only reminds us how close the oligarchy and crime syndicates are.

Trump’s insurrection only testifies to what extent the Trumpists were prepared to ensure the continuation of the regime. In January, Stewart Rhodes, the leader and founder of the Oath Keepers militia, was arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Capitol Riot,

“In all, [DOJ] charged 11 alleged members of the Oath Keepers with seditious conspiracy, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, at the judge’s discretion.

The transcript shows Rhodes alluding to the QAnon conspiracy theory that the world is ruled by a satanic cabal of cannibalistic child sex traffickers.

“So the only way to really stop them is for Trump, first of all, to refuse to back down. The second thing he needs to do is he needs to use his authority as Commander-in-Chief to do two essential things One is to declassify all the dirty secrets and do a huge data dump,” Rhodes said during the “Oathkeepers National Call.”

“And to do that, it can’t be the normal channels with the CIA, FBI, etc. (Indistinguishable). So what he has to do is get the military to seize those buildings, to seize all these files, seize all the databases and hand them over to military intelligence. Let them do the declassification with all these orders,” he explained. “He should use his, you know , US Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, you know, use [United States Special Operations Command]supported by his Marine Raiders and, you know, whatever else he has, 82nd Airborne.”

Rhodes suggested that the US government acquire sex tapes of members of Congress and could use the videos to get Congress to keep Trump in power despite losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden.








The FBI tweeted a photo and posted a reward for information leading to the location, arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the alleged pipe bombs found in Washington, DC on January 6, 2020.


Merrick Garland has:

– impeached the entire management of the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys

– turned at least three against Trump’s world

– scared Alex Jones into looking for a deal

– a 1/6 grand jury targeting the Trump world for several months

Sicilian magistrates investigating the murder of the country’s top mafia prosecutor announced today that they have issued arrest warrants for 18 suspects. Magistrates presented a detailed image of how the killers staked out a hill overlooking a highway for days before detonating a bomb as the prosecutor, his wife and three bodyguards drove along the road below. The assassination in May 1992 of the examining magistrate, Giovanni Falcone, outraged the Italians. When Mr Falcone’s friend and colleague, Judge Paolo Borsellino, was murdered in another bomb attack two months later, the government launched the biggest crackdown on the Mafia in years, leading to the arrest of Salvatore Riina, the “boss of all bosses”, in January.

(2019) The white Fiat Croma buried in the dirt carried the number one enemy of Cosa Nostra, the anti-Mafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone. Mafia bosses had placed 300 kg of explosives under the highway between the airport and Palermo. As the convoy of cars surrounding the Fiat closed in, the bomb exploded, killing Falcone, his wife and three members of his police escort.

Less than two months later, the same fate befell Falcone’s colleague, Paolo Borsellino, killed in a car bomb attack with five members of his escort outside his mother’s building in Palermo.

After the murders, Corleone bosses ordered champagne to toast the judges’ murders. Five days later, the government sent 5,000 troops to contain what had by then become an all-out war against the Italian state. I was 10 at the time and for the next four years I played football in the streets surrounded by soldiers armed with machine guns. It was a show of force unknown in Italy since the end of the Second World War. “Palermo like Beirut” was the headline splashed across the front pages of Italy’s leading newspaper. Sicily was on its knees and I felt like it was the start of a disaster. On the contrary, the bloody summer of 1992 marked the The beginning of the end of the most powerful criminal organization in the world.


The effective demise of the Cosa Nostra empire was declared last week by one of the most prominent figures in the Italian judiciary, Rome’s former chief prosecutor, Giuseppe Pignatone.

In a rare TV interview with La7, Pignatone, who recently retired after working for major Italian prosecutors in the south of Italy, said: “Today the Sicilian mafia is much less dangerous than before. Today we can say that the mafia – the one capable of killing magistrates and attacking the state – has been defeated.



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