Letters to the Editor – May 10, 2022

Is Malta more expensive than competing destinations?

It’s not how expensive Malta is, it’s how tourists are treated. Last week I was in Valletta with a friend and she bought a postcard and a stamp for Italy. The stamp sold to him was 86c. When I asked the girl why not the usual 30c for EU she flat out said għax għandi ħafna stock (because I have a lot in stock) yes Malta is much more expensive than the competition . – J. Cuschieri

Not coming to Malta because a meal costs €15 and not €8 just confirms the low quality tourists that Malta attracts. Obviously, with our low standards, noise and dust, we are unable to attract high-end tourists like Scandinavians, Austrians and Germans. The Minister of Tourism is now targeting sun and beach tourists, even here, with some crowded sandy beaches, Malta cannot compete with Greece and Sardinia, which offer long unspoiled sandy coastlines. – N. Scerri

Had to smile. Putting all Scandinavians, Austrians and Germans in one box – “high-end” – is fun. I live in Sweden and I can guarantee you there are plenty of people who would visit Malta and pinch some pennies. In fact, I’d say it’s probably the majority of Swedes who visit Malta for holidays. – ĠorĠ Sciberras

And, to top it off, you pay more to land on a crane-infested, noise and dust-polluted island where locals fly you blind, you’re stuck in traffic for 85% of your stay, laws are an alien concept and criminals thrive. Most of the beaches are an overcrowded dump and the roads are in a perpetual state of repair. While sweating like a pig in 40+ degree heat or soaking in dirt soaked rain. Welcome to Malta. – Caesar Borgia

Malta’s beaches are overcrowded. Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

What the article also fails to mention is the frantic construction, the dozens of tower cranes, the traffic jams, the dust-laden air, the declining environment and the substandard beaches. Unfortunately, tourists not only pay more, but also get much less than the other countries mentioned (all of which have an important history of their own). Malta is what we made it. – J. Zammit

Malta has become overpriced and overrated. Over the years we have lost most of our loyal customers because once people are here they realize they have been scammed, in the hotel, in all the bars and restaurants, at the beach, etc. Our little lawless island has burst its bubble… Greed, greed and more greed. No wonder so many Maltese are leaving. And I can’t wait for it to be my turn. – Joe Muscat

The ever-increasing prices, on a daily basis, will outclass Malta out of the tourist market. However, this is not the only problem: services and infrastructure are also rapidly deteriorating. In reality, Malta is highly overrated and tourists will realize they got it wrong on their first visit. – Mr Muscat

This article misses our biggest competitor: Sicily. They have a much bigger island with a lot more to see, lots of cultural and historical variety, great food and decent prices. They have improved their English skills and are targeting UK, USA, Canada and other English speaking countries. They are already very popular with the French and Germans. They have a sunny climate, beautiful landscapes, pretty towns and pretty little villages, with narrow streets and buildings in the Mediterranean style. Because that’s what most tourists are looking for: original and different things that they don’t have at home. Nobody wants to see tarmac, tower cranes and concrete towers. – Joe Gat

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