Love Island fans stunned by Paige’s ‘mafia’ remark to Italian Davide

the island of love fans were shaken for a while between contestants Paige and Davide at the launch of the new series.

The moment in question came when Swansea-born Paige tried to flirt with Davide, who is Italian.

In what many viewers interpreted as a deliberate nod to Davide’s nationality, Paige mentions her love of mafia fiction.

“I’m obsessed with romantic books and books about the mafia and that sort of thing. So that really set my expectations for relationships somewhere here,” she said.

“In real life obviously guys don’t act like they do in the books and I’m just disappointed.”

On social networks, the island of love fans shared their amusement during the exchange.

“I’m glad Paige told Italian Davide that she loves ‘Romantic Mafia books,'” wrote television writer Christine Page.

“NO SHE DIDN’T SAY ANY MAFIA BOOKS TO DAVIDE,” another viewer commented.

“Davide mentally checked the conversation when she said she liked reading Mafia books,” someone else observed.

Another person wrote: “Naw that paige says she loves mafia books talking to davide deffo hope he’s like this guy from 365 days HAHAHAHHA cringe.

Netflix’s controversial film 365 days follows a young Polish woman, Anna, who is kidnapped by the boss of a mafia gang while on vacation in Sicily, and is given a year to fall in love with him.

the island of love continues daily at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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