Misfits Market unveils wine as its latest category expansion

Misfits Market raises its glass at the end of Dry January. Starting today, the sustainable online grocery platform is adding wine to its offerings, its first foray into alcohol.

Selections cover red, white, rosé and sparkling, and are sold in “curated” packs of three ($35.99+) and six ($92.99+), with an emphasis on methods sustainable farming, like less grape pruning and less water and pesticide use, said Kai Selterman, chief strategy officer, at Retail Brew.

  • He also aims for value by sourcing from areas like Sicily and South Africa, which aren’t as well-known for their wines.

Another round: Wine is Misfits’ latest step in becoming a one-stop-shop, a priority for the startup after raising $425 million in funding last year. Starting with “ugly” products in 2018, the company says it has doubled its SKU count to 500 by the end of 2021 for meat, seafood, alternative proteins, eggs and traditional dairy and herbal. (The plan is to double it again over the next six months.)

  • Other alcoholic beverages like beer and cider could follow, Selterman said.

“The more typical grocery categories we can offer on Misfits Market, the better and more convenient the experience for the customer,” he told us.

  • What about the Misfits? He said he saw his active customer base and order volume increase 5x in the past year (but did not share numbers).

Next : Selterman said the platform is eyeing milk, as well as frozen and prepared foods, which are “the things customers really look for every week in a grocery store.” And within existing categories, Misfits hopes to add more staples like canned goods and cereals.

  • To support all that growth, it’s hiring in marketing, operations, product and technology engineering, he noted.

Moreover, the company is so close to its goal of being in all of the contiguous U.S. states. (You’re next, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.)-THIS

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