Neil Agius decides not to rest and swim around Gozo for 24 hours straight to avoid approaching the storm


Ultra-endurance swimmer Neil Agius has decided to skip a 12 hour rest period and swim around Gozo a second time as the winds pick up and the weather deteriorates.

Agius is currently preparing for his latest challenge, which will see him cross the Mediterranean Sea from Tunisia to Sicily – a grueling 150-kilometer swim, 50 more than last year’s challenge in which he swam 100 kilometers from Sicily to Malta.

In preparation for the swim, Agius had to swim around Gozo for three consecutive days, an incredible feat in itself, but with the weather deteriorating, Agius decided to cancel a scheduled 12 hour break and swim around the island twice in one. go.

At a total distance of 100 kilometers, he will swim late into the night and virtually match last year’s Sicily-Malta swimming record.

“Due to the fact that the weather is expected to deteriorate, Neil will continue his 3rd round around Gozo immediately after finishing the second,” his team said in a Facebook post.

“As they make their way through the night, the team is gearing up and getting ready to take a tour of Gozo again. Let’s see how far it will go.

Agius expects his crossing from Tunisia to Sicily to take between 45 and 50 hours, although given all the variables involved this is quite difficult to predict.

Do you think Neil will manage to cross the Mediterranean?

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