New cast member revealed by Frank Catania



RHONJ fans prepare to welcome a new bride into the mix. The name of the new cast short story comes from none other than Dolores Catania’s ex-husband Frank Catania. At first, you’d think it was one of the current New Jersey brides who let the cat out of the bag. However, Frank beat Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Dolores, Catania, Margaret Josephs, Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider all to the punch.

When it comes to gossip, Frank Catania has it on all women. Frank recently appeared on the “Let’s Get Raw with Rori” podcast and let the news go. Frank tells Rori that in his opinion about New Jersey, men are more involved than any other man in other Bravo Housewives franchises. However, he also reveals that he thinks it’s because he and the other guys are real friends outside of the reality show.

Frank Catania reveals new cast member, talks friendship with others RHONJ Husbands

The newest member of the cast, according to Frank and The heavy, is Traci Lynn Johnson.

Catania also reveals that Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend Luis Ruelas has also become close to all of the other husbands this year. Additionally, he says Johnson’s ex-husband NFL star Tiki Barber is a great addition to the husbands group.


In June, Traci Lynn Johnson began filming with the RHONJ women and would get along very well with women. His first test with the Jersey brides began with the filming of season 12 at the Margaret Joseph pride party. Johnson and Barber joined the rest of the cast on a trip to the Jersey Shore in July. Then on August 13, Johnson dressed for the RHONJ softball supporting Maimonides Hospital.

RHONJ Tea spilled by ex-Frank Catania from Dolores Catania

Frank Catania reveals that Traci Lynn was filmed when she was already having a conversation with Jennifer. So does that mean New Jersey fans can expect to see Jennifer target Traci Lynn this season? Catania claims that Traci and Tiki have become very close to Melissa and Joe Gorga, which can add a lot of competitive drama between the wives.


Traci Lynn enters the mix with a past. Johnson and Barber became a gossip-related topic of interest when Tiki left his pregnant wife and started dating Traci Lynn. Barber married Ginny Chan in 1999, but the two separated in 2010 when Chan was pregnant with twins. They share four children: Atiim Kiambu, 18, Chason, 17, and Ella and Riley, 11. Tiki also shares two daughters with Traci Lynn, Brooklyn, 7, and Teagan, 5.

Traci Lynn Johnson will add controversy and conflict


Barber and Chan separated in 2012 and he married Traci Lynn later that year. There’s dirt on Tiki and Traci Lynn. The two claim they did not have a relationship while Barber was married. Bravo fans can almost certainly look for this treat to throw at Traci Lynn at the first sign of conflict between the wives.

Frank Catania is not disclosing the major conflicts Bravo fans can expect in Season 12, and who will they involve? Nonetheless, fans can look forward to Bravo season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey during February 2022.


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