New fire in Sicily ATHENS 9.84


Following the fires of recent days, a new fire front has spread to Sicily. The flames burn the mountainous area of ​​Nebrodi and Madonnie, in the greater Palermo region. Despite the efforts of firefighters and civil protection, the blaze threatened residential areas and destroyed large areas of forest.

Houses were evacuated in the Balestrate area and a huge cloud of smoke blanketed the sky over the Capo d’Orlando, Sant’Agata Militello and Milazzo areas. Strong winds continue to blow and the damage to farmers and farmers in the region is incalculable.

Italian fire brigade canaders and helicopters carry out non-stop water drops throughout the area.

Meanwhile, research so far has shown that 57% of the fires that have broken out in the past two weeks in Sardinia, Sicily and Pescara, in central Italy, are the result of arson. 13% are due to neglect or lack of maintenance and only 2% can be attributed with certainty to climatic conditions. The cause of the other fires could not be determined.

The Italian press, meanwhile, today points out that the land means used in Sicily by firefighters are now obsolete technology, while tenders for the purchase of new ones have been blocked due to bureaucracy and Mishandling.

Source: RES-EIA

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