PREMIERE: Cynthia Catania makes LA her playground in exuberant video for ‘Something Better’

The singer’s second release of 2022 comes with fantastic visuals – a perfect marriage of kitschy track and cheerful video.

Former Saucy Monky member Cynthia Catania is back with new track “Something Better”, complete with video premiering today by Hot Press.

The music video was directed and edited by Sue Ann Pien, who also covered the cinematography and video stars alongside Catania herself and Eva Rae.

Partially filmed at Los Angeles Center Studio (thanks to Charlie Nguyen, who covered the drone cinematography), “Something Better” sees Cynthia and company bridge their race tracks, end up in a police station and ultimately a morgue. . The playfulness of the video is a perfect accompaniment to this track which asks the existential question – what more do we want from life? “Why are we running? »

The cheerful and kitsch track leads with light percussion, soft electric guitar and Catania’s dreamy voice. Built on a climactic grunge-filled top, this track is perfect for a sunny evening, cruising down the coast – at full volume of course.

Speaking about the highly anticipated track, the musician said: “I remember a conversation I had with a former girlfriend about his best friend. How happy he was in his relationship – but always wondered if he had to ‘settle’, what if there was something better there?” Such is the human dilemma… and the stakes of engagement.

“I guess for me, the deeper meaning of this song is to surrender to the present moment, to circumstances, to relationships, to work and to life, and to ENJOY. The root of suffering is in craving . Surrender is a way out. I have to practice that on a daily basis.”

The artwork for “Something Better” will be released on August 12.

Recorded and self-produced in Los Angeles, “Something Better” was a labor of love for Catania, created with a host of talented friends. Co-written by Jason Thomas Gordon (of St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and author of “The Singers Talk” Simon & Schuster), mixed with additional production by composer Gabriel Mann; additional instrumentation by Adam Marcello (Katy Perry, American Idol), Gabriel Mann, Cary Beare (Kingsize); additional backing vocals by SaucyMonky alumni Annmarie Cullen and Dublinite Naimee Coleman (Aurora).

Catania explains his process for creating the track: “I wrote the chorus ‘Everyone wants something better than what they’ve got’ and bounced it around a few different songwriters that I like collaborate. Jason was a resounding yes – and we bounced the lyrics and melodies. n” from there. It came quickly and easily. Love, finances, and status — everyone struggles with these aspects of life from time to time.

“As a producer, I like to keep things minimal and interesting. Anytime a deeper message can be put into a pop song, it’s a win-win. I’m so grateful to my production mentors – Rob Cairns, Doug Heffernan, Michael James and now Gabriel Mann.”

“Something Better” is heavily influenced by artists Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Loma, Orville Peck and the rarer tracks they have released. “Lana is a favourite. What a brilliant lyricist she is,” adds the singer.

Previously sharing festival stages with The Cure, B-52s, PJ Harvey, PINK!, Wilco, and more, alongside former musical partner Annmarie Cullen in their since-retired band Saucy Monky, Catania has made a name for herself. on the Irish music scene. . Catania opened up about Saucy Monky and more in an interview with Kate Brayden earlier this year.

Receiving critical acclaim since the start of her career as a solo artist, “Something Better” marks Cynthia’s second single of 2022, her fourth year as a solo artist. Still, to release an LP or an EP for that matter, Hot Press is excited to see what’s to come for this super talented musician.

Catania will support the Riptide Movement later this month in Cork (Sea Church, August 26) and Galway’s Roisin Dubh (August 27).

Check out the video for “Something Better,” which officially drops August 12, below.

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