Red List Countries Updated Live As Travel Review Sees Green List Changes


All the changes that are happening today regarding travel lists

As of today, the Amber and Green Lists are abolished and the system divides countries into two categories: Red List and “Rest of the World”.

But if you’re not fooled, the rules are actually stricter – because all countries will have essentially the same rules as the old Amber List.

For countries on the “no-go” red list, all arrivals must always be quarantined at hotels, as explained above.

But those arriving from the rest of the world will now have radically different rules depending on whether they are trapped.

Fully vaccinated arrivals from the rest of the world now only have to take one test – a “Day 2” PCR test after landing. There is no need to isolate yourself, and no need to take a “pre-departure” test before flying.

Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated arrivals must pass three tests – a pre-departure test, plus a “Day 2” and “Day 8” PCR test after landing.

They must also self-isolate for 10 days at home or where they are staying, unless they pay for a fourth “release test” test to leave isolation early. This is stricter than the previous system, where self-isolation was not required for Green List countries.

All arrivals – vaccinated or not – will always need to complete a passenger tracking form prior to travel.

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