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Dolores Catania has become a The Real Housewives of New Jersey a member of the cast in Season 7 and viewers love that she does things her way. Dolores is a really loyal person and she showed her various relationships on the reality show, the love she has for her friends, her two children, her ex-husband Frank and now her ex-boyfriend David.

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After watching Dolores hang out with her co-stars (and sometimes dramatically arguing) for several seasons, fans want to know more, and there are plenty of interesting facts about Dolores, from her love life to her career story. .

ten Dolores has a new partner who won’t be in season 12

Dolores talks to David on RHONJ

Over the past few seasons, Dolores has received a lot of questions about her ex-boyfriend, David, a surgeon she doesn’t see all the time. By the end of Season 11, everyone wanted to know why Dolores had apparently stopped wanting to marry David. Dolores left a party early because she was angry that her friends were talking about her instead of understanding her position and respecting her beliefs. It has become one of the most dramatic Real housewives arguments.

According to Us weekly, Dolores is dating someone but they started dating after the filming of season 12 was done, so he is not part of season 12.

9 Dolores was a surgical assistant

Split image of Dolores and David on RHONJ

Whenever his friends asked why David couldn’t attend a party or gathering, Dolores would talk about his schedule and how he worked hard for his patients. In a scene from Season 11, Melissa left Jackie’s birthday party early because her husband Joe had kidney stones, and David helped her in the hospital.

It turns out that Dolores also worked in the medical field. Bravo TV reported that Dolores was a surgical assistant.


8 Dolores was a correctional officer

Dolores Catania The Real Housewives

When Dolorès joined RHONJ, fans learned that she was a mother of two and when Frank was unfaithful, the couple divorced. Viewers have also seen her run a gym and get into real estate, but there is still more to learn about this actor’s work history.

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According to Memory aid, Dolores said she worked as a correctional officer. Dolores explained, “Then I got married and had kids. Frank said ‘you can stay home’ and I was married to a lawyer. He said ‘stay home or you can. go back to work, “so I stayed home.”

seven Dolores is happy to be a close friend of Frank

Dolores in the kitchen talks to David and Frank SR.  on RHONJ

RHONJ fans were supportive of Dolores in some episodes and didn’t like the way she fought in others. One thing that has remained the same throughout Dolores’ time on the show? Her warm friendship with her ex-husband Frank.

In an interview with Edit Seven, Dolores has opened up about her relationship with Frank and said she thinks that if they got back together, he would be a much better partner than he was the first time around. Dolores said she was happy to be friends with him as she was no longer romantically interested in him: “You know, we don’t look at each other like that anymore. Frank isn’t my type anymore. Not that ‘he’s not handsome, I think Frank is gorgeous. “

6 Dolores starred in a short film

Split image of acting Dolores and the Breaking Points short movie poster

RHONJ fans may not be aware that Dolores starred in a 34 minute short titled Breaking points. According to North Jersey, she played a mom who was facing loss.

Dolores explained that she has known filmmaker Brad Forenza for years and was happy to say yes when asked if she would be in the movie. Dolores has said that being a housewife is an “improvisation” and it seems like it was exciting for her to act.

5 Dolores starred in a game show

Frank and Dolores Catania laughing on the sofa on RHONJ

The best and most popular game shows provide fun entertainment, and Dolores, Frank, their two children, and Dolores’ ex-boyfriend David were in the same episode of Cash at your doorstep, according to E! News.

Dolores said: “I never thought I would be in a game show… It was surreal to me.” Hosted by Jason Biggs, the show asks attendees to answer questions and have a chance to win $ 25,000.

4 Dolores wasn’t upset when a psychic spoke about David

Dolores hugs her boyfriend David on RHONJ

In a season 11 episode of RHONJ, a psychic met the cast, and they said David and Dolores weren’t soul mates.

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While this is generally upsetting to hear, Dolores said it was okay because she knew it. According to Memory aid, Dolores said, “There is nothing anyone can tell me in my life right now. I know how this play ends, I know what to expect, I’ve been around the block more than one time.”

3 Dolores makes a good living with RHONJ

A split image of Dolores Catania posing by the ocean and later in her kitchen on RHONJ

Dolores appeared in five seasons of RHONJ so far and fans would definitely love to see her continue. While all of the actors in this town have their say and stand up for themselves, Dolores is known to be even stronger than some of the previous housewives.

Cinema addict reported that Dolores has a net worth of $ 4 million and people say she earns between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 for each episode of the reality show.

2 Dolores does a lot for charity

Dolores Catania sitting in her house on RHONJ

the Real housewives the moments that stick with fans are the big fights or the relationships that end (or seem like they are about to end). But the show also sees each member of the cast in their ordinary day-to-day lives, and fans should know that Dolores does a lot for charity.

Cinema addict also reported that Dolores devotes her time and money to charity, shelters at the Angels for Animals network, St. Joseph Children’s Hospital and the Maimonides Breast Center.

1 Dolores thinks the fights in Season 11 were particularly “emotional”

Dolores Catania holding a hand looking serious on RHONJ

RHONJ fans have seen some very strong and intense fights over the years, some difficult to watch. After watching Season 11, viewers know that everyone had tension with each other, not just Teresa and Jackie, although rumors about Jackie’s husband Evan were one of the main sources of conflict.

In an interview with E! News, Dolores spoke about the arguments that occurred in Season 11 of RHONJ. Before viewers had a chance to watch these episodes, Dolores said, “You’re going to see fights you haven’t seen in years. Like visceral, visceral, and emotional fights.”

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