RHONJ: Did Dolores Catania and David Principe break up?



Dolores Catania

A “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star might be single.

Dolores Catania may have ended her relationship with longtime boyfriend Dr David Principe, according to a new report, during the filming of the upcoming 12e season of the reality show Bravo. Reality Blurb reported that rumors that Catania had separated from her boyfriend for four years first appeared in the Stories section of the Bravo and Cocktails Instagram account.

Screenshots of two direct messages were posted on the account’s IG story by people claiming the “RHONJ” star had broken up with Principe.

A post claimed Catania broke up with her longtime boyfriend before filming the cast of “RHONJ” in Nashville. Reality Burb noted that the trip included Catania’s ex-husband Frank, whom she divorced over 20 years ago.

Another DM of someone claiming to be one of Principe’s colleagues said the doctor even confirmed the rumors of a breakup at a business meeting and revealed that it was Dolores who initiated the split.

Catania opened up about her relationship at the ‘RHONJ’ Season 11 reunion

Dolores Catania boyfriend

InstagramPictured: Dolores Catania’s boyfriend David Principe and ex-husband Frank Catania Sr.

Catania’s relationship with Principe was not without its problems. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor expressed disapproval of Catania’s plastic surgeries, which included a tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift, according to Us Weekly. Principe said his girlfriend “didn’t need” all of the hard work, and her comments caused problems in the couple’s relationship.

“It’s not about what someone else thinks they need in my life,” said Catania. “He was really angry. He was so mad at me and he didn’t let go. I let him be angry for a little while, then I had to say, “Look, either you live with this or we just have to move on.” There has been stress, family stress fractures in the relationship.

Catania also noted that any man in her life needs to be self-confident enough to be able to handle her close friendship with her ex-husband.

“And you have to be man enough to be able to handle my personality,” she added.

The 11the season of “RHONJ”, a psychic told Catania that her boyfriend was not her soul mate. During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Catania’s ex-husband Frank weighed in on the medium’s reading.

“Look, I’m Dolores’ soul mate,” he said, through Bravo. “Even though we are not involved in a romantic relationship, I am still his soul mate.”

Catania and Principe never got engaged or lived together

Members of the Catania circle have long wondered why she never lived with Principe or got engaged to him. According to Bravo, Catania admitted that she hasn’t seen the busy doctor as much as she would like.

“I really feel like this guy loves me,” Catania said at the “RHONJ” meeting. “I don’t know if he knows how to be in a relationship, really. I wish we could see each other more.

She added that Principe was already married and didn’t want this way of life anymore.

“He’s been married for 14 years,” Catania said. “David doesn’t want to get engaged or remarry. I don’t care.

Catania also told ET that she and Principe are ‘established’ in their ways and love their ‘space’ and ‘independence’.

“I might wake up someday and say, wow, you know what?” Maybe I really want to get married, maybe I want to live with someone full time, ”she said. “Maybe I want something different in the relationship department. And then I’ll have to weigh whether this relationship is going to be right for me for the next part of my life.”

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