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Hidden a few hundred meters from the Duomo d’Acireale, in this small town near Catania, Sicily, a new ice cream and cocktail bar has just opened, offering some of the most creative artisanal ice cream flavors you can imagine. . From Campari grapefruit to ricotta and black vanilla (just to get started), the Riso Paradiso bar aims to provide a unique sensory experience by taking advantage of Sicily’s unique ice cream-making tradition. These innovative flavors aren’t the only reason Riso Paradiso stands out, however. What makes the bar truly unique and different from any other ice cream parlor in the world is that almost everything in its interior and exterior decor is 3D printed, making it the first ice cream bar almost entirely 3D printed.

Every hanging lampshade, every bookcase, every stool, every table, every decorative object is 3D printed. And what makes it even more interesting is that one of the founders of Riso Paradiso assured us that it is not just for marketing: it all makes sense from a purely economic point of view as well. The founders also plan to sell copies of the unique 3D printed furniture designs, which can be quickly reproduced via the technology used to produce them.

One of the reasons that this may be the case is that LFAM technologies are now widely available. In this case, Caracol, a fast growing startup that developed proprietary LFAM robotic extrusion technology, provided the additive manufacturing capabilities to build all of the 3D printed ice bar furniture.

Riso Paradiso 3D printed ice cream bar opens in Sicily

Caracol’s robotic 3D printing plant in Como, near Milan, in northern Italy, operates multiple multi-axis robotic extrusion systems and proprietary software platforms to overcome the limitations of printing Traditional 3D, offering advanced customized solutions from design to production for different industries, from aerospace to maritime. The company’s objective is to rethink the current production system, towards a more efficient, progressive and sustainable future, thanks to a more rational use of technology and respect for available resources.

Although Caracol primarily works with industrial companies in the aerospace, energy and other segments, its technology now makes sense even for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Another reason for this could be found in the much more affordable price of LFAM extrusion materials such as those from Caracol, especially when used in standard pellet form. The peculiarity is that the materials used for the interior decoration of the Riso Paradiso are a mixture of biodegradable PLA and other recycled plastics.

The third, but perhaps the first, reason it made sense to 3D print the whole bar is that the design was done by local jewelry designer Federica Cirstaudo, as part of the Mastri Gelatai (Ice Cream Masters). By combining the ideas of the owners, with the creative design of Federica, the versatility of the technology of Caracol and the talent of the local master glacier Franco Patanè, Riso Paradiso offers a truly unique experience, mixing tradition and innovation like nowhere else in the world. .

And the ice cream helps.

Riso Paradiso 3D printed ice cream bar opens in Sicily

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