Rivals of Massimo and 365DNI 2 exist in real life


365 DNI (365 days) writer Blanca Lipinska told Metro UK that Massimo, the gangster in the story, and Nacho exist in real life. The characters face off in the 365 DNI 2 adaptation on Netflix.

During a conversation, the author says that the 365 DNI characters are based on people she has met. Massimo and Nacho, who play two criminal rivals in the trilogy, were part of Lipinska’s life.

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The story creator who made movies on Netflix doesn’t identify men. But, he guarantees that the real Nacho lives in Spain, while the real Massimo lives in Sicily, Italy.

“The man who inspired me to raise Nacho lives in the Canary Islands – he taught me how to surf. There is also a real Massimo, who is in Sicily ”, underlines the author.

Now only time will tell if the people who inspired Nacho and Massimo will reveal themselves to the world.

365 DNI 2 (365 Day 2) is coming to Netflix

The plot of the first 365 dni (365 days) follows young Laura, who is on vacation in Italy. However, everything goes wrong and she is kidnapped in Sicily.

Massimo, the kidnapper, is the leader of the Italian mafia youth. He spends 365 days trying to make Laura fall in love with him – hence the name of the Netflix movie, 365 DNI (365 days).

In the first sequel, Massimo and Laura return. However, everything becomes more complicated due to the family of the dacoit and a mysterious person who will enter the love life of the protagonist.

Michelle Morrone and Anna-Maria Cicluca return as Massimo and Laura for 365 DNI 2. Meanwhile, Magdalena Lamperska and Otar Sarlidze will still be in the cast. The novelty is Simone Susina as the rival of the protagonist Nacho.

The direction of the original film is also returning. Barbara Bialoz and Tomasz Mendes play the roles.

There are 365 dni (365 days) on Netflix. 365 DNI 2 and the third sequence, already confirmed, is scheduled for 2022.

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