Sempreverde – alternative aromatic plants


“The Sempreverde range represents a sustainable and affordable way to bring aromatic herbs home. Unlike traditional pots, cell plants are contained in smart moisture-wicking cardboard boxes. There are multiple benefits to this: longer shelf life that avoids wastage and a solution that introduces less plastic to the market.In addition, because the packaging is less bulky, logistics have less impact as it is possible to transport larger quantities with just one transporter ”, reports Luigi D’Aniello, commercial director of Ludan Fresh Supplies, a company located in Eboli (Salerno), in the heart of the Sele plain.

Ludan Fresh Supplies is a young dynamic company created in April 2020. It specializes in unwashed packaged aromatic herbs for consumption fresh.

The company benefits from strong collaborations with Sicilian companies, guaranteeing a longer schedule for certain products. This year he set up new collaborations with companies from Basilicata and Puglia mainly for parsley, dill and coriander.

“The winter season was not particularly exciting for fresh herbs. The market was not very busy except around Christmas and Easter. The countryside was characterized by an excessive demand for sage, which was lacking throughout. period. Fortunately, we have managed to guarantee the product thanks to our collaborations in the Sicilian territory. Despite a difficult winter, we have managed to supply aromatic herbs in bulk working mainly with the foreign market, which represents 70% of our sales are focused on strengthening its presence. ”

“Now, after a livelier spring market that saw increased demand for all products, the outlook for the summer season is encouraging. From the middle of the summer, we will start planning the harvests again. We are currently starting with supplies for the summer season in Europe. ”

For more information:
Ludan Fresh Supplies Srls
Via dell’Industria, 26
84025 – Eboli (SA) – Italy
+39 380 28 07 405
[email protected]

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