Sicilian mafioso teaches her 9-year-old granddaughter about dirty money


There are endless ways to teach a child math: fingers, peas in bowls, catchy songs – or, like that Italian grandfather from Partinico, Sicily, counting dirty money.

Like every Italian day La Stampa reports that after taking his nine-year-old granddaughter to school or to the swimming pool, the alleged gangster is said to be selling cocaine. Later, once the deal was done, he turned to the girl for help with calculating her daily earnings, using her as his personal training cashier as he taught her how to count bills.

The elementary school student also worked part-time as a “mule”, carrying drug money in his pockets, to hide his activities from the authorities as well as from their own families.

The Sicilian police finally got wind of the operation and put a tap on the drug dealer grandpa. This, as Partinico Commissioner Leopoldo Laricchia told reporters, led to the recording of surreal exchanges between the granddaughter and her grandfather.

After discovering that there was something fishy behind “the funny grandpa game”, the little girl reportedly told him one day while they were watching television together: “Look at grandpa, they are selling drugs to people, just like us! “

The man was arrested earlier this week along with 29 others in a large-scale anti-drug operation in the Palermo area. According to the daily La Repubblica, the girl’s mother “severely scolded” the grandfather after learning his special math lessons.

With the investigation still ongoing, there is no word yet on a fine or jail term for the No no – but it’s something he will have to rely on.

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