Sicilian Pizzutello tomatoes are back

An open day dedicated to the new tomato variety “Pizzillo” from TSI Italia was held at Gold Green in Santa Croce Camerina (Sicily).

“Pizzillo is the modern version of an ancient tomato. The one that our grandmothers used and a variety that we were looking for in order to fill a void that had formed in the segment of Sicilian table tomatoes. It is called Pizzillo because it is reminiscent of the pizzutello tomatoes that were once grown in Sicilian fields,” explained Rosario Privitera, Area Manager Centro Sud at TSI Italia.

Pizzillo is a midday plum variety with compact fruits. Plants have medium vigor with good leaf coverage at regular internodes. Excellent adjustment throughout the cycle. Clusters of 8 to 10 fruits in herringbone pattern, uniform size and average weight of 35 to 50 grams. Fleshy and compact.

Video “Pizzillo”

“Reintroducing a segment involves a certain responsibility, because the flavor must retain what the shape of the tomato suggests. Pizzillo not only boasts of great flavor but also good color, good notes and strong green parts. Of course, as Pizzillo is a modern variety, it also has genetic advantages, such as resistance to Cladosporium, which means no specific treatment is needed.”

Producers, nurseries and traders present at the event seemed impressed with Pizzillo. The older growers spoke with the TSI Italia team about what they remember of the Pizzutelli of the past, while the younger ones discovered a rather unusual segment for Sicily, especially when it comes to intensive tomato production Greenhouse.

Genetic resistances: HR: ToMV-0-2/TSWW/Va:0/vd.o/Fol:0.2/Pf:AE; IR: TYLCV. Ideal combination with the ideal Top Gun rootstock.

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