Sicilian wine for sale in Place de Bordeaux for the first time


A wine from the slopes of Etna in Sicily will become the first wine from the island to be sold through the network of Bordeaux distributors.

Giovanni Rossi’s oenologist Andrea Delpiano in the Montedolce Contrada vineyard on Mount Etna

The wine comes from Giovanni Rosso, a Piedmontese producer with vineyards in Sicily, and it is the 2018 Etna Rosso, made primarily from Nerello Mascalese, which will sell through Bordeaux’s historic distribution system – known as of The place.

According to the information sent to db this morning, Giovanni Rosso’s Etna Rosso will be available from five Bordeaux merchants, Joanne, DIVA, Barrière Freres, Louis Vialard and LD Vins will be responsible for this exclusive release.

This handful of distributors will have access to around 18,500 bottles of Sicilian red wine at a retail price of € 35.00 each.

Davide Rosso – Owner and Winemaker at Giovanni Rosso said: “We are extremely proud to be represented at this historic moment by some of the most renowned merchants in the world. We take great pride in the wines we produce and know that this care and attention to detail is shared by our trading partners. We are very happy with this next step on the world stage. “

The wine itself, Etna Rosso 2018, is made from Nerello Mascalese and small amounts of additional local indigenous grape varieties from the same DOC.

The Giovanni Rosso property was acquired in May 2016 and resides in Castiglione di Sicilia, a few kilometers from the famous Passopsiciaro, at the foot of Montedolce, an extinct crater 850 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Etna volcano.

As previously stated by db, a booming field of activity for Bordeaux merchants is the distribution of wines outside the famous wine region where they are located.

However, these wines are sold as bottled products for a short time in early September.

This contrasts with Bordeaux, which is mainly sold in the spring after harvest, or “en primeur”, when the wine is still in barrels.

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