Spritzy canned white wine for just $4 is a great addition to your next picnic or hike.

The convenience and portability of cans is increasingly appealing to producers wishing to offer higher quality wines in alternative packaging. Will consumers follow? Cans are ideal for sporting events, entertainment venues, even a quiet drink in your hotel room after a long day of travel. This week’s deal includes a canned version of a popular vinho verde. We also have an intriguing natural wine made from melon, the Muscadet grape, and a robust Sicilian red ideal for hearty autumn dishes.

Broadbent Spritzy White Wine

(2 stars)

Portugal, $4 per 250 ml can

Spritzy White Wine and its sibling, Spritzy Rosé Wine, are the canned versions of Broadbent Vinho Verde, the popular house brand of importer Bartholomew Broadbent. The 250ml cans are a perfect fit – just enough for a refreshing aperitif for two without committing to a full bottle, and portable to take on an excursion. Alcohol by volume: 9 percent.

Imported by Broadbent Selections, Richmond, Va. Distributed locally by Winebow.

Domaine de la Combe White Melon Night Harvest 2021

(3 stars)

Loire Valley, France, $16

Melon is the varietal of Muscadet, but this compelling wine is not the clean, crisp white typical of the region at the western end of the Loire Valley. Winemaker Pierre-Henri Gadais uses a few hours of skin contact to give this wine bite and body before allowing slow, natural fermentation. The result is a cloudy wine with a hint of spritz that at first glance resembles the trendy style of pét-nat. As the wine takes in air, it begins to unfold layer upon layer of flavor, from white peach to jasmine tea to honeysuckle and more. Both familiar and mysterious, the wine was gone before I could really pin it down. ABV: 11%. Bottle weight: 520 grams (Medium).

Imported and Distributed (Va.) by Terres Blanches Wine Merchants, Midlothian, Va. Distributed locally by Prestige Ledroit Distributing Co. (DC and Md.)

Canteen Pellegrino 1880 Passimora Nero d’Avola 2020

(3 stars)

This spicy nero d’avola is made from partially dried grapes after harvest. The technique is most common in the Veneto region of northern Italy, where it lends power and depth to Amarone wines. Here in Sicily, raisins provide concentration and color, intensifying the similarity of Nero d’Avola to Syrah. Think juicy red fruit flavors accented with black pepper and maybe a hint of balsamic. The association makes it an ideal wine to accompany grilled or braised meats. ABV: 14.5%. PC: 645 grams (average).

Imported by Caput Mundi Wine Imports, Boca Raton, Fla. Distributed locally by Impero Wine Distributors.

Prices are approximate. For availability, check Wine.com, Wine-searcher.com and the websites of wineries, importers or distributors.

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