Staggered start of the Sicilian table grape season

“The IGP table grape campaign will peak at the beginning of September, whereas it started in mid-August. It is a simple choice based on quality, which must not fall below the usual standards with an excellent color and Brix level for consumption”, reports Salvatore Lodico. , president of the Consorzio di tutela dell’Uva da tavola di Canicattì Igp.

Salvatore Lodico

“The quality is great this year, something we haven’t seen in years. The Brix level is already high due to the drought we’ve had for weeks.”

“Demand is rather slow at the moment, at least 20% less than last year, but we expect it to return to normal in October, when a large part of the fruit will not be available.

PGI Canicatti Italia grapes

“In line with the objectives of our Consortium, we have participated in a project to promote Italia grapes – the only variety bearing the IGP mark – among large distribution chains operating in EU territory. This initiative comes at a time of great difficulty for producers, who are facing a 40% increase in costs. »

During the interview, President Lodico highlighted the high quality of the grapes. The origins of this variety date back to the early 1900s, when agronomist Alberto Pirovano crossed Bicane and Moscato d’Amburgo vines. The first transplants, however, took place in Canicattì in the 1930s and large-scale production was carried out for forty years.

IGP Italia grapes from Canicatti

Uva da tavola di Canicattì IGP is produced in aerial trellises and, for mid-late productions, the vineyards are covered with plastic films to guarantee the conservation of the grapes, which can be harvested and marketed fresh during the autumn-winter period until in mid-January.

The fruits are in fact stored in cold rooms and cold rooms at a temperature between 0° and 1°C with a humidity of 85-90% for a maximum of 90 days.

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Promozione dell’uva da tavola
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