The Batman: The Godfather Easter Egg You May Have Missed

“As his career got better, he wanted to get out of it,” Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone tells his girlfriend Kay (Dianne Keaton), while Fontane sings to adore the bridesmaids in the movie. Vito visited the conductor, offering $10,000 to buy out the contract. Halley said no.

“The next day, my dad went to see him, but this time with Luca Brasi, and within an hour he signed the discharge of a certified check for $1,000,” Michael continues, even as the dreaded Brasi practices the speech that will accompany his. , extremely valuable, gift to Vito Corleone’s daughter, elsewhere at the wedding. After all, it was with Luca that Vito made the conductor an offer he couldn’t refuse: “Luca Brasi held a gun to his head and my father assured him that either his brains or a signature would appear on the contract.”

This mirrors the story of the kid from Hoboken. Moretti helped Sinatra get bookings at New Jersey clubs, which led to a recording contract in 1939 with bandleader Tommy Dorsey. In 1941, the girls were swooning over Sinatra in live appearances around the country, and he wanted a better deal. Dorsey refused to release him from their existing contract. After a meeting with Moretti, Frank was out of this contract. They say on the street that Moretti made an offer while a gun was stuck between the lips of the conductor playing the trombone. Dorsey sold Sinatra’s contract for one dollar.

In the book The Godfather, Vito also helps Johnny win an Oscar, but in the film, Fontane shows up at the wedding to ask for her favor from the man who can’t refuse any request on his daughter’s wedding day. There’s a movie in production, a war movie with a character who looks so much like Johnny he wouldn’t even have to play. Studio head Jack Woltz knows Johnny is perfect, and the role will make him a big star, but he’s trying to kick the olive-oil-voiced kid out of town for ruining his protege, a young actress he was grooming. for morning idolatry.

After Connie’s wedding, Corleone’s men visit the deathbed of former family consigliere Genco Abbandando, after which Vito sends Hagen to Hollywood to negotiate with Woltz. When the talks break down, Hagen lets Woltz sleep on it. By morning, the film producer has made up his mind, realizing that the severed head of his prize-winning stallion, Khartoum, is just the down payment on an offer he can’t refuse. Woltz throws Johnny into the war picture. This revived his career. He sent his godfather a bouquet of flowers as a thank you.

While rumors that Sinatra used mob connections to sink From here to eternity have persisted since production began, no credible details have ever surfaced. Sinatra was unhappy with his portrayal in the best-selling novel and was able to voice his grievances to the author in person. While Puzo was working on the script for the film adaptation, he was invited to dinner at Chasen’s house in Beverly Hills. He was brought to Sinatra’s table. Without looking up from his plate, the singer said, “I don’t want to meet him.”

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