The film “Sicilian Holidays”, with Claudia Gerini, will be shot in Xhaka

“Nino, prepare the best things. I can’t wait to come to your restaurant in Shaka to eat the best.” To pronounce this sentence, in a video posted on Facebook, Claudia Gerini, and at the same time the municipal councilor for tourism of Siaka, Sino Caracaba, confirmed that she will be the heroine of the film “Sicily Holidays”, which will be shot in Sciacca between September and October 2022.

Sciacca will become a feature film group co-financed by the Sicilia Film Commission which also includes American producer Adam Leipzig. The latter was a few days ago at the town hall of Sciacca with director Michela Scolari and Italian producer Igor Romagnoli. The Italian director and producer appears in the video posted on Facebook. “This project was born as a tribute to Sicily – said Michela Scolari from Sciacca – which has always been the great champion of the European Tour in Italy. The land that has given so much to Italy in the world and our Italian title is Sciacca.

From the strict secrecy that has been imposed – both on the plot of the film and on the actors – a news emerges: that with Claudia Gerini, she will play the role of her daughter Rosa Ingenoli.

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