The first Sicilian apricots arrive in European markets as the cantaloupe season is underway


“We are always a little moved in the days leading up to a first harvest of seasonal fruits. We look forward to these times, especially when the quality of the apricots on the trees is incredible, ”said Angelo Di Pasquale, founder of the famous brand Donnalia with his brother Vincenzo.

“We are about to start our early apricot harvest and the season looks promising, given the lack of harvests in almost all Italian and European regions. Fortunately, our farm was saved from unpleasant weather problems and the quality of the fruit is excellent. The season will enter into full swing at the end of the month. On the other hand, the last season ended in an optimal way, in particular for the nectarines, which recorded an increase in sales of + 40%. “

Angelo and Vincenzo Di Pasquale

“This year, we plan to grow especially in the international market which, due to the lack of cultures from other regions, and to have the opportunity to deepen relations on this front. Once you have experienced the quality of a Donnnalia brand product, you cannot do without it. It has happened in Great Britain before and it will happen again in places where our tasty products are not yet known “.

The cantaloupe melon season continues
“We started in mid-April and after some hesitation due to the somewhat low temperatures, our melons reached perfect maturity. It is a selection of the best varieties currently on the market, with staggered production in order to get the best out of each variety in terms of aroma and taste, ”continued Vincenzo.

“In the meantime, the Donnalia brand has become a symbol of quality, especially for the main Italian and European markets. The quality is always guaranteed because they are harvested and selected with care. We select a cantaloupe that is good to eat, fragrant, well harvested and healthy. The most popular sizes vary between 1 and 1.2 kg and all the fruits are labeled Donnalia, so the melons are identifiable. The prices have been satisfactory since the start of the season, which allows us to cover the costs throughout the supply The price varies between € 0.80 and € 1.20 per kilo. “

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